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22 nosler vs 22 creedmoor

From what info I was able to find on the net, it was designed a few years ago by the GAP ( Georgia Precision) folks specifically to shoot long heavy .22 cal bullets at decent hunting velocity while providing a good barrel life and flawless feeding from detachable mags.

22 Nosler round, left, .223 Remington round, right. Just when you thought the 22 Nosler was only for AR-platform semi-autos, think again. Thanks again Scott! It may never match the 22-250 in speed, but the versatility of the 22 Nosler has already turned many heads in the predator hunting and precision rifle community. Getting to 22CM from 6CM is a straight forward pass through a FL die. Since I already had a 6.8 SPC case model laying around, this made modeling the .224 Valkyrie in SolidWorks pretty straightforward: This case model has a capacity of 34.5 grs H2O (2.23 ccs), which is just a bit short of the .22 Nosler’s 35.8 grains (2.32 ccs) or so.

The ease of staying on target and quick follow-up shots make the AR-15 an ideal predator hunting platform.

The 22 Nosler is its own parent case, similar to a 6.8SPC, but with a rebated rim. The 22-250 AI seemed like a no brainer.

So we’re talking greater capacities and faster speeds than much of what’s currently on the market, and the combination of speed and pressure brings the consideration of barrel burners. The 22 Creedmoor is growing in popularity, and we want to help set the record straight on what it can – and can’t – do. Another upside is the ability to use heavier bullets and the versatility they provide.

The .22 Nosler is a proprietary, rebated-rim case with about 15 percent more case capacity and 400 fps velocity than a .223 Rem., but the Nosler retains the same .378-inch case head diameter as the .223 Rem.

Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet at 3,400 fps out of an AR-15 fitted with a 20” barrel. Like lots of folks, I get lazy in the summer. The magazine needed is the same one used for 6.8SPC or 6.5 Grendel, they are very common and can be found for less than $15 each. Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. I like to shoot as much as the next guy, but my expertise is nowhere near what Scott’s is, so I’m glad to feature him as a Guest Blogger on a really cool topic. My interest in the .224 Valkyrie was pretty immediate, because it was an obviously good design in a way that the .22 Nosler is not. This round is a workhorse and shooters can t ake advantage of the fast speed and low wind-drift. It might be a more straight forward way to go. If you don’t’ want to go the AR upper route, there are plenty of full rifle offerings either already on the market or shipping very shortly. At the Big 3 East conference this week, a new caliber was unveiled for the AR-15. Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. But if you love the round or already own one in a semi-auto, the bolt guns are a nice and oftentimes lighter option than the heavy-barreled AR’s.

The 22-250 cartridge is one of the easiest rifle rounds to shoot as far as recoil. Brass, dies, and components are also already available from Nosler, and now RCBS and Redding are also adding 22 Nosler dies to their catalogues. Nosler is known for excellence in long range bolt actions, and the natural progression meant we’d see one sooner than later.

The round uses small rifle primers. A smaller, zoomer of a round, that’s what, and they’ve even wandered out of their bolt-action comfort zone to fill a niche in the AR-platform market. All the transformation technically requires is a barrel and mag swap, with the 6.8 SPC magazine working perfectly for feeding this new beast. Business end of the 22 Nosler Varmageddon. That’s it.

Natural Predator Pro Staffer Success – Post 1, Natural Predator Showcases Pink Arrow in Peterson’s, A Better Day Shooting – Mossberg 4×4 in 270 WSM. This means it’s only able to effectively shoot the lighter 22 caliber bullets. The chart below shows how similar they really are at 200 and 300 yard, with 100 to 200 yards being the most common distances for coyotes, fox and bobcats. The Varmageddon partnership of Noveske and Nosler chambered in 22 Nosler. So, wait, the .224 Valkyrie is an AR-15 compatible round that gives you .22 Nosler performance up close, 6.5 Grendel energy retention, and 6.5 Creedmoor drop and drift at 1,000m? Now, some will say that you can get almost 4000fps out of a 22-250, but the norm is closer to 3600-3700 fps. With so many calibers to choose from these days, it’s nice to have a knowledgeable opinion presented. The barrels are becoming available through many sources, but Midway USA was the first to offer them as a drop in. Enter the 22 Nosler chambering, introduced at SHOT 2017 as ammo, brass, uppers, and full rifles. In terms of muzzle energy, it leads the pack of .22s to start, but clings bitterly to every Joule to such a degree that by a kilometer it’s even nipping at the heels of the much-touted 6.5 Grendel. Doing that means trumping one of the most adored and accepted calibers on the planet — the .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO. MidwayUSA was running great deals on complete uppers under $400 recently.

All Rights Reserved, 10 things you need to know about the 22 Nosler. 262 beat for velocity by 200 meters; the .22 Nosler it has whupped by 250 meters, and all with a bullet that’s 17% heavier.

Reloading is otherwise very straightforward with a plethora of 22-caliber bullet weights out there. Let’s start off with a question: What is the best round for the AR-15? Now, some will say that you can get almost 4000fps out of a 22-250, but the norm is closer to 3600-3700 fps. The new cartridge relies heavily on the overwhelming popularity of the modular AR platform. It comes in threes (Photo: Kristin Alberts). Approaching 22-250 velocities in a smaller cartridge, the 22 Nosler makes the round capable of pushing a 55gr. This design was the secret “sauce” behind the 6.5 Grendel, 5.45×39, 6.5×55, and many other successful high performance rifle rounds. Nosler was the first company to launch a new super .22 with the release of the 22 Nosler. The 22 Nosler is actually longer than the .223 Rem. He can be reached via email at [email protected], i know it's hard to believe but federal did not pay me to write this, take note of how similar the .22 nosler is to Mk.

Read on to find out. We’re not sure it’s quite as appealing in a bolt gun, because, well, a 22-250 does things a little better there in terms of ballistics and ammo availability. Checkout his work at

According to the company, “it really depends on how they are treated, but one should see approximately 2,000 rounds as used in competition and as many as 4,000 rounds if used as a plinking rifle.”  That’s really nothing to worry about as far as barrel burners go, with many specialized chamberings wearing out twice as quickly. With the introduction of the 22 Nosler, how do the two compare? They have been producing limited numbers of their Nosler Model 48 chambered in this new round. Stay in the know. And, hey, Federal? So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test?

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