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aarushi talwar ghost

According to him, this meant that he was either in middle of a sexual intercourse, or was about to have one. If you have a news scoop or an interesting story for us, please reach out at (323) 421-7514. Lal also failed to mention the motive behind the double murder except alluding to grave and sudden provocation after Talwars witnessed “their 14-year-old daughter and domestic help Hemraj in a compromising position”. According to the investigators, a technical expert produced by them stated that the router can be switched off due to a power cut or by someone manually doing so. The Talwars' defence lawyer later claimed that Krishna Thadarai was working in the Noida clinic at that time.[58]. [155] CBI was represented by senior advocate Siddharth Luthra. Around this time, Rajesh answered a call from the US on the landline phone (kept in the couple's room). Not giving up, some camerapersons tried to go up to the terrace where the body of Hemraj was found, but the door was padlocked. [88] On 12 June, he was administered a polygraph test and Narco Analysis test at the Bowring Hospital, Bangalore under the supervision of an expert team from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), led by assistant director Dr. S Malini and anaesthetist Dr. Srikanta Murthy. [91], On 21 May, Delhi Police joined the UP police in the investigation. This time, Tandon opened the terrace himself. Sharma, Sethi and two others dragged the mattress to his terrace. There were no signs of forced entry or break in into the Talwar apartment. By this time, both the victims were near-dead. He spent the weekend in the jail. Tandon, who went to Talwars' house at 6.15 am after hearing commotion, claimed that Aarushi's family had not informed the police till then and he had called the security guard, Virendra Singh, of Jalviyu Vihar Sector 25, Noida, and told him to inform the police about the murder. Thadarai, Mandal and Rajkumar tried entering the Talwars' room but found it locked. Sharma saw Nupur and Aarushi near the dining table, and Rajesh coming out of his bedroom. Hemraj knew about Rajesh's alleged extra-marital affair, and was blackmailing him, Rajesh took Hemraj to the terrace on the pretext of discussing the issue, Aarushi was killed for being a witness and for objecting to her father's affair. Aarushi Talwar,  a student at the Delhi Public School, was the only daughter of a dentist couple, Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar. Vandana also created a Facebook page, a Twitter account and sent e-mails proclaiming the parents' innocence. The police suspected that the Talwars planned to blame Aarushi's murder on Hemraj, and hid his body on the terrace for disposing of it later. After Bharati rang the doorbell a third time, Nupur opened the innermost wooden door. [193][194], The 2017 Tamil language movie Nibunan features a plot in which a young girl and a family servant are murdered by the girl's parents for having an affair. On 29 December 2010, CBI filed a closure report, naming Rajesh Talwar as the sole suspect. [1] On 15 May, Hemraj had received two calls from the Talwars' clinic: the first call at 4:58 pm lasted for 10 minutes, and the second call at 5:37 pm lasted for 2 and a half minutes. Aarushi's body lay on her bed; it was covered with a flannel blanket. Three years in three minutes. According to the investigators, some of her friends had tried to contact her, but found her mobile phone switched off. What happened exactly after that differs according to different narco tests and media reports: Aarushi threatened to expose what the suspects said about her father, so Thadarai took out his Kukri and killed her. This analysis supported the conjecture that the crime scene had been dressed-up after the murders. According to Varshney, the police told him that the killer must have tried to escape through or hide weapon on the terrace, but returned after finding it locked. Aarushi Talwar, a student at the Delhi Public School, was the only daughter of a dentist couple, Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar. At 9:50 pm, he called the Impressionzz traders in Mumbai, from whom he had ordered Aarushi's camera through Indiatimes shopping, probably to ask about a camera feature. All these were used to build a "portrait of promiscuity" according to the Talwars' supporters. The 13-year-old school girl was found murdered in her home on the night of May 15, 2008, in India's northern city of Noida. US Election 2020: All You Need To Know About Trump-Biden Race, Polling Begins Across 94 Assembly Constituencies. They were, however, acquitted in 2017. Reports quoted the judges as saying that the evidence against the couple was circumstantial and the federal Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) which investigated the murders had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Talwars had killed their daughter. Get technology news, gadgets reviews & ratings. [21] He repeatedly told the police to pursue Hemraj instead of wasting time in the apartment, and offered them 25,000 rupees to rush to Hemraj's native village in Nepal. Nobody opened the door. During 23–26 June, Rajkumar was subjected to polygraph test, psychological assessment, brain mapping and narco analysis at FSL, Gandhinagar. Rajesh then surfed some stock market and dentistry websites, and sent an e-mail. When he pushed the ajar door he allegedly found Aarushi and Hemraj in an intimate position. The crime scene had been "completely trampled upon". [25] As the group entered the terrace, they saw bloody drag marks. [56] In October 2009, a crime-scene analysis was done for CBI based on the photographs of the scene. According to the size of the blood clot, the first hit on her forehead had resulted in her death within two minutes. When the Talwars' defence lawyers noticed this in 2011, the CBI stated that there was an error in the report: the pillow in the question was the one recovered from Hemraj's room, not from Thadarai's residence. 1. However, the police were unable to find any evidence that connected him to the murders. However, there was no blood on the toys, the schoolbag and the pink pillow kept on the back of the bed. [7] He had exchanged 16 calls with his fellow practitioner Anita Durrani until 8 pm. The prosecution later alleged that she deliberately called Hemraj's phone to make the investigators believe that the killer was elsewhere. When she resisted, Thadarai took out his kukri and slit her throat: the blow was so hard that her neck ripped open and she fell dead. But the couple found it unlocked on that morning. She claimed that when she tested Aarushi's swab, she did not know that the subject was Nupur's daughter. She was the daughter of a dentist couple, Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar. It also severely castigated the media for having jeopardized the investigation by sensationalizing the murder and carrying out their own botched up "trial by media". The investigating officer Dataram Nauneria (Noida Sector-20 police Station Officer) was shifted on 17 May. Rajkumar's lawyer Naresh Yadav approached the, In 2015, a 58.55-minute-long video of Thadarai's Narco test was leaked on. Rajesh's former colleagues Rajiv Kumar Varshney and Rohit Kochhar later told the police that they saw bloodstains on the terrace door, its lock and the staircase leading to the terrace. Despite Talwars’ acquittal, the 2008 double murder that gripped the country still remains a mystery, spawning books, films and countless conspiracy theories.

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