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abeka pilgrims progress literary essay

to her husband’s earlier one. Clearly he has sinned; otherwise what would there be to fear from Armageddon? When Christian encountered Apollyon, he tried to strike fear in his heart. Yet Gaius at dinner tells Christiana’s

Bunyan ingeniously uses characters as metaphors for virtues and sins throughout his novel; he also uses multiple metaphors within the allegory to represent important Christian doctrines and realizations. However, people in lost, tyrannical countries must stay strong and fearless in their walk with God, and missionaries must trust that God can protect them as they share His Word with those countries. Milton’s emphasis on God’s righteousness, with his ‘eternal providence’, seems to respond to Christianity’s divisions by suggesting there is simply one God, who saved mankind from his ‘first disobedience’ with Christ’s grace (I, I. Worldly Wiseman was a man of high standing in his hometown Carnal Policy. After analyzing the name of Worldy Wiseman, the reader is able to view him as what he truly is; a son of man that is wise, but nothing compared to God. The point of The Pilgrim’s Progress was to show that the burden we bear can be resolved by giving yourself to God and proving your devotion. Bunyan presents the general difficulties all Christians must face in order to go to heaven through Christian’s journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City.

Christian terms, Salvation, Christianity 1201  Words | Hopeful cannot withstand the torture that his sins have led him into, once having met Faithful he is determined to see Jesus despite his fear that he will be turned away. The city of destruction is Christian’s hometown. This depicts that God’s children are attempting to aid Christian and help him on to his journey, yet Christian remains unchanged and still unfazed about how he left everyone behind. Although Pilgrim's Progress may seem simple and straightforward, there are … Christian, Christianity, Pilgrim 1091  Words |

N. H. Keeble, in his essay Christiana’s Key, wonders at the split made by critics between the two. Apollyon also uses examples of previous “transgressors” against him that encountered “shameful deaths” on their pilgrimages to try to persuade Christian to abandon his journey (Bunyan 120). Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This notion is supported by the explanatory note that refers the reader to 2 Corinthians 4:18. The 1600s were John Bunyan’s time, we can see how different a wife’s role would be in religion and in a marriage, yet religion set up rules and protected women to some extent.

provide quality literary and character-building selec-tions.

A man is called in to sweep this room, but when the dust is swept it completely fills the air and “Christian had almost therewith been choked” by all the dust that was simply being moved around (Bunyan 66). Can the Bible be just another text? It was a time of a lack of freedom, religious and otherwise. This is not to say Bunyan had a mercenary motive. But the anomalous sentence only throws light on the way Bunyan slips from one mode to another.

As Christian sat in a field crying for salvation, a man named Evangelist advised him to run toward a shining light that would lead him to the Wicket-gate where he could learn how to be saved. In this case, the word world represents the carnal desires of man. Though created after the image of God, man is mortal and has imperfections. Christian was led astray by what Worldly Wiseman told him until Evangelist found him again and got him back on the road to the Celestial City.

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