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best nature for gengar

In recent years, there have been some really popular video games inspired by this franchise, so many fans have been interested in improving the abilities of their favorite Pokémon. As previously mentioned, Attract is basically pointless, especially because it relies more on chance than anything else. Round won't do much damage, and it is very weak in general, so players should generally stay away from it. Gengar is a special attacker with base 110 speed.Hence it should definitely run a Timid (+Speed -Attack) nature so that it can take advantage of its speed without compromising on anything except its attack which is redundant anyways. RELATED: Pokémon: 5 Great Movesets For Charizard (& 5 Awful Ones). Icy Wind will lower the Speed of opponents, while Will-O-Wisp will limit their damage output. Gengar is a Ghost & Poison Pokémon which evolves from Haunter. Therefore, these two natures increase the most important stats of this Pokémon and there is no doubt they are the most suitable and best for Gengar. However, the fans are in doubt when it comes to the best nature for the Gengar. 01/07/2019 Press J to jump to the feed. Your email address will not be published.

Luckily Lick will be able to take down enemies that are of a weaker typing; however, otherwise, the Gengar will most certainly lose the battle. What you Should know About the Pain of Gallstones? Gengar has a lot of potential, and these movesets will bring it front and center! Gengar is one of the stronger ghost Pokémon out there. ". Hypnosis and Confuse Ray will be useful when attacking enemies; however, Protect and Reflect Type won't do much outside of double battles with a partner Pokémon. Players that are looking for some of the best movesets should try some of these out because they will add a unique spin to the powerful and fan-favorite Ghost-type. NEXT: Pokémon: 5 Great Movesets For Greninja (& 5 Awful Ones). Starting a New Business in Dubai – Here’s What you need to Know, 5 Signs You Are Vaping Cannabis The Wrong Way, 8 Ways Green Tea Can help You with Weight Loss – 2020 Guide, 4 Reasons Why Chinese Fashion Brands are Becoming so Popular in 2020, 7 Easiest Ways to Clean Gutters – A 2020 DIY Guide, Top 7 outro Makers to Change the Face of your YouTube Videos. Gengar's strongest moveset is Hex & … If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Pokémon is definitely one of the most popular anime franchises of all time. Therefore, the conclusion is that you can easily choose any of these natures without fear of making a mistake.

So, Timid nature will allow you to increase Speed, but also to reduce Attack.

Attract will only be relevant in a battle with an enemy that is the opposite gender of the Gengar being used, and that is only a 50-50% chance of being the case. Players that are looking for some of the best movesets should try some of these out because they will add a unique spin to the powerful and fan-favorite Ghost-type. Given that Gengar is Ghost and Poison-type Pokémon, and that there are the highest values ​​for Speed ​​and Special Attack stats, it’s logical to use nature that will influence (increase) these stats.

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