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creepy video game mysteries

This battle has been removed from later releases.

Before the end of 3, Shepard is blasted with a powerful beam of Reaper energy.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a fun, whimsical game that sees Mario searching multiple galaxies for Power Stars that will allow him to reach Bowser and rescue the chronically kidnapped Princess Peach. This mission appears to be related to the alien symbols and involves stealing extraterrestrial eggs from a downed spaceship (no, really). A sentence will scroll through the air over Rayne's head, containing a very ominous warning: "BEWARE THE GIANT RAT." Bloodborne involves a lot of blood, literally. The character walks around the world capturing “pets” and keeps track of the strange pets that he collects along the way. The Fallout games have their fair share of weird in-game radio stations.

Later in the game when GLaDOS inhabits a potato (!) Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Oh, and the unlocked ending? The player finds additional texts that include a quote from Kenneth Bainbridge after the detonation of the first atomic bomb: "Now we are all sons of b*tches." Those wanting to keep tabs on the latest can join the Discord dedicated to search which is complete with resources for those that want to catch up and get the full story.

In Mass Effect 3, he has nightmares that are visual depictions of accounts of what indoctrination is like from the Rachni Queen, which manifested through Shepard’s own insecurities. James originally came to Silent Hill to kill himself and, in the "Water ending," he does so by driving his car into the lake.
For starters, nothing about Wander and Mono's relationship prior to the game is confirmed.

It's undeniable that something feels "off" about Majora's Mask in comparison to the other games.

There are a few theories, some more plausible than others. Its bananas have been stolen by an invading military force (K.Rool's army has units that wear helmets and insignia with a striking resemblance to American soldiers). The fact that the Half-Life series will likely never see a true conclusion continues to sting to this day. Also, the Cube is easily large enough to fit a human inside. For starters, the characters in the game that give you the super-special healing blood vials are all exclusively female. As explained by Kotaku, completing indie puzzler Fez "unlocks a New Game + that ... grants players the ability to view the world in first-person." Arianna, notably, stops supplying you with vials when she becomes pregnant. Just Pokemon in general because it is a constant source of eerie fan theories, and mysterious plot details. The theory goes like this: Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow take place just a few years after a devastating war between Kanto and a rival nation or possibly even a world war involving the use of Pokemon, that you and your rival both lost parents in the war, and are now among the first generation of young people born in a post-war age.
In Super Mario Sunshine, our hero takes it upon himself to rid an island paradise of graffiti, an adventure that leads him all around the island and to the bottom of the ocean. Oh, and there's more about how Professor Willow is really Pryce. This has led some people to believe that the developers are in on a massive troll job. Go here for more information on the very complex theory. The most popular, and perhaps the most spine-tingling, is the theory that Braid is actually about the discovery of the atomic bomb. Mass Effect 3’s ending might be a little dated compared to the other gaming mysteries on this list, it is without a doubt, one of the most debated topics of the two most recent gaming generations. Speaking of which, the game's biggest mystery happens to be located on the seabed in the Noki Bay area. Even one of the people involved in the production of Entombed couldn't figure out how the maze's algorithm worked.

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