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crucible and year of wonders comparison essay

Escalus is the ever reasonable and loyal lord and close confidant of the Duke. Even The Duke, supposedly semi-divine, makes some dubious choices. As she pursues a scientific understanding of nature, she comes to reject superstition and begins to regard the plague “as a thing neither of God or the Devil, but simply a thing in nature.” Brooks symbolizes that through a complex understanding, Anna becomes a more vigilant character that isn’t swayed by binary thinking. You’re probably thinking, “Great. McCandless feels impeded in his personal motivations by the familial concepts of â€˜graduating college’ and â€˜getting a job’ which he describes as â€œ20th century inventions” inextricably linked with “this world of material excess”. As a result, listeners are manipulated into agreeing with the author since if they were to refute the answer; it will appear as though they are nonsensical. Within each class, men were considered superior to women. On the contrary, the clones are only able to move toward their fate, towards "wherever it was [they are] supposed to be" and towards completion. Prompt: Discuss the ways in which the environment assists the protagonists in their journey for self-discovery. - What are the main similarities and differences and how can I link them together? Women and girls of a lower class did not receive any formal education but would have learned how to govern a household and become skilled in all housewifely duties. One major difference is in Unit 3, where EAL students are required to do a Listening task, whereas mainstream students study an additional text. The events of the story begin in 1973, when a young Robyn Davidson arrives in Alice Springs with an outlandish plan to train wild camels to accompany her through the Australian desert. Was it immoral for the Duke to pretend to be a holy friar? He hands this power to his deputy Angelo, who misuses it in his request of Isabella. ), In comparison, the New Testament states that we “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Whilst this has received criticism, it is important to consider how the human experience itself is subjective, as is never being able to truly understand another individual's story as the exact experience is theirs alone to hold and perhaps be "fettered" to; both of which are evident in Stasiland. This theme can be linked to the Divine Right of Kings, Great Chain of Being, Women, and Jacobean Audience. Angelo takes the law too seriously, he gets heart eyes for Isabella and kills Claudio even though he thinks he’s slept with Isabella. The Duke is the leader of Vienna, ordained by God. Furthermore, they had executed the Gowdies for witchcraft, but they end up resorting to dark magic. Both EAL and English assess students on multiple areas, including: Text Response, Creative writing, Argument Analysis, and Comparative. For sample questions and responses with annotations, read Lindsey's blog on EAL Reading Comprehension here. A similar theme resonates in Into the Wild, where Chris McCandless heavily relies upon the guidance of various prominent figures he meets throughout his journey as well as ‘the characters of the books he loved from writers like Tolstoy, Jack London and Thoreau’ whose words he could and often would ‘summon….to suit any occasion’. In theory, Angelo would pardon Claudio and be forced to marry Mariana by law. It can link to all groups of people (The wealthy, the poor, women, criminals etc). Now quite sure how to nail your text response essays? Then download our free mini-guide, where we break down the art of writing the perfect text-response essay into three comprehensive steps.Click below to get your own copy today! Damn girl! Firstly, that’s weird. There are so many more different types of metalanguage out there that I have a blog that I will link in the description below, which I would highly recommend you check out because it goes into more examples, but also there are lists of metalanguage that you can choose from when analyzing your books or your films. (Act 1, Scene 5, Line 53-56), “I love the people, but do not like to stage me to their eyes” - The Duke says this to Angelo and Escalus as he hands over power to his deputy. For one of most popular posts on Comparative (also known as Reading and Comparing), check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Comparative. Davidson commences her self-described ‘lunatic’ journey with little knowledge of the wild to substantiate her mammoth ambition. However, he doesn’t go through with Angelo’s execution, instead showing the mercy encouraged by the New Testament. Example: â€˜Reversing this negative trend is not only possible, but essential to human wellbeing.’. While you may choose to structure paragraphs around themes, ideas or characters, make sure to embed some historical context in there; that’ll show the examiner that you’ve done your research and have a thorough and deeper understanding of why Shakespeare put this or that in. Indeed it is their trust in God’s mercy and his offer of redemption that empowers John Proctor to defy Judge Danforth’s court and instead places his faith in God’s eternal salvation that other “judgement (that) awaits us all” to which Rebecca Nurse refers as they are about to be hanged. She is optimistic for man, believing our bad deeds can lead to self-improvement. Not only that, but she’d used pretty brutal tactics, calling in the police and withholding income support for newly-unemployed miners who struggled to feed their families through the winter.Â, Women’s Education: This isn't the principal fight in Pride, but there are moments where it definitely shines through. The fact that McCandless readily referred to the words of the likes of Tolstoy, London, and Thoreau amidst times of mental angst and challenge, is a significant reflection of not only the quintessential teacher and student relationship he shares with them, but also the level of impact they have had in shaping in the ideological processes that define Chris’s values and sense of oneself. Talking about authorial intent in your analytical essay leads to a more in-depth analysis. After 113 days in the wilderness, he suffers from starvation and dies. There is so much to unpack about this douchebag. It allows the audience to examine the Stasi's motives and justifications, their humanity or lack thereof, of the lessons learnt and unlearnt, as a means of framing the entire regime and of framing the spectrum of humanity. Miller exemplifies this concept through Martha Corey’s character, accused by her husband, Giles Corey, she is targeted as a witch due to his suspicion of “reading strange books.” In contrast, Year of Wonders compares the array of ways in which women strive for autonomy in their highly religious society. Wait, who? Also consider that these texts are in two different formats; how does the live performance of Bombshells change the way it is perceived? With this, Brook displays how fear can easily change how someone thinks, as depicted by the villager’s hypocrisy. Even though she now lives in Birmingham, England, she has persevered through many setbacks to keep up the good fight - now on a uniquely far-reaching international platform.Â, Pride, directed by Matthew Warchus, is a film exploring the 1984-85 miners’ strike in Britain. Yousafzai’s fight is really about equality and human rights. The miners and LGSM are fighting their own injustices and inequalities in the film - Prime Minister Thatcher had been closing down mines and stripping miners of their livelihoods. This experience evidently informs Davidsons’s somewhat impenetrable exterior and suggests a deeper complexity to her resistance of 20th century societal expectations. ‘Measure for Measure’ is also a problem play. Thus, both Davidson and Penn comment on the omniscient, multifaceted nature of the environment around a person being instrumental in moulding each stage of the journey of self-discovery and transformation. Available from:, Recieve 100% plagiarism-Free paper just for 4.99$ on email, *Public papers are open and may contain not unique content. The village’s population is decimated as a result, and in the resulting Year of Wonders shows her burgeoning strength as a healer and ultimately her escape at the conclusion of the novel to a new life. You can choose to address one text per paragraph and alternate between them, for example: As you can see from the structure above, you would need to refer in your first two paragraphs to a common theme or idea prevalent in both texts, comparing how the texts explore such ideas and drawing upon any similarities or differences, before repeating this pattern in the next two paragraphs. You can order Unique paper and our professionals Rewrite it for you. Furthermore, is it not sacrilege to pretend to be a holy friar when one is not truly a holy man? Listening is always viewed as the easiest section in an EAL exam, however, it is also the easiest section for students to lose marks as many of them may carelessly misread the question and/or comprehensively fail to answer the question.

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