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dandelion quotes witcher

You have to adapt. I remembered this text post and I immediately had to do it for the Priest/Demon AU. Hence, these popular Witcher quotes should be read with caution and a proper understanding of the context. But they came here to rescue her. I pity you, Filavandrel.’ i just love drawing silver fox Jaskier, that is all:), this is a very serious post on a very serious blog, You can also buy merch with this pic here on my RedBubble Notify me of follow-up comments by email. do not look behind you. Essi’s hair is not a black tornado of gleaming curls, Essi’s eyes are gorgeous, soft, warm and cornflower blue; they don’t blaze with a cold, unemotional, deep violet. “How does it happen, thought Ciri, what can it be ascribed to, that in all worlds, places and times, in all languages and dialects that one word always sounds comprehensible? Wygląda to on, panie, jak diaboł, wypisz wymaluj diaboł. Some earn money doing what they’ve learned. Bird? How does the tide bloody work? And with that mission of yours which is supposed to turn your thoughts from imminent annihilation. Because like someone who has drunk poison, one is prepared to do anything in exchange for an antidote. Something has ended in me, Cahir. Others do what they have to. Then they seem less monstrous themselves. Here are tons of Witcher quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –, “Evil Is Evil…Lesser, Greater, Milling. Let’s drink to them.”, “You won’t do it.’ Bonhart’s voice resounded in the complete silence. I know you’re almost forty, look almost thirty, think you’re just over twenty and act as though you’re barely ten. ‘She is a woman and thus an evolutionary inferior creature, governed by hormonal chaos.

Jak to diaboł.”, “My mother says you are the soul of sorcery, a diabolic creation a filthy degenerate born of Hell.”, Bard :”When a humble bard , Graced a ride along with Gerald of Rivia Along came this… song , from when the While Wolf thought , A silver-tongued devil, His arms of elves , At his hooves did they travel , They came after me , With masterful deceit, Broke down my lute, And they kicked in my teeth , While the devil’s horns Minced out tender meat and so cried the Witcher , He can’t be bleat, Bard: “Destiny is just the embodiment of the soul’s desire to grow”, Pig girl: “I can not only guess the age and breed of your horse but also its color by the smell”, Witcher : “its fine to fly in the face of overzealous authority but to pretend it’s anything other than making a profit “, Bard :”I’m weak, love and I’m wanting , if this is the path I must trudge , I’ll welcome my sentence , Give to you my penance, Gorgeous garroter ,jury and judge, Lovely garroter “, Witcher : “mutations , they are intentional”, Witcher :”the people who made us , they made us sterile for a lot of reasons , One of the kinder ones is because this life isn’t suited to a child “, “Time eats away at memories, distorts them. ‘Why?’ really a fan of Dandelion’s poetic license here ahahah….and if you, like me, O human creature in whom nothing, but nothing, remains of an elven woman.”, “Madam Yennefer, Forgive me. Bywa nawet, że pomaga. ‘You’re pathetic, with your little stolen sacks of seeds on pack horses, with your handful of grain, that tiny crumb thanks to which you plan to survive. For a little sacrifice, a very little sacrifice, is beautiful and worth… Were she to want more… It would calm her. Soon there won’t be any strigas, wyverns, endriagas or werewolves left in the world. He took only his sword. Who? 5,436 notes. Nothing will sprout or yield crops on the plateaux, nothing will save you now. You’ll come down into the blossoming valleys to meet death, wanting to die honourably, in battle, and not in sick beds of misery, where anaemia, tuberculosis and scurvy will send you.

I don’t have any more strength, Emperor.”, “Then the prophetess said to the witcher: “I shall give you this advice: wear boots made of iron, take – Nie wtrącaj się, Jaskier. It’s powerless. A diamond on the finger of a rotting corpse. – Pomaga? I swear, as I scroll through your blog I want to make fanart of every incorrectquotes post you make!!!! 4,510 notes Reblog.
– Diabeł? It’s All The Same.”, “Sometimes The Best Thing A Flower Can Do For Us Is Die.”, “I Bow To No Law Made By Men Who Never Bore A Child.”, “There Is Not A Person Alive Who Does Not Look In The Mirror And See Some Deformity…Except For Us.”, “If I Have To Choose Between One Evil And Another, Then I Prefer Not To Choose At All.”, “There Is Not A Person Alive Who Does Not Look In The Mirror And See Some Deformity…Except Or Us.”, “I Love The Way You Just Sit In A Corner And Brood.”, “But A Promise Made Must Be Honored. ‘I don’t know, Yen. but when ppl do see him around campus, he’s always with jaskier, his very mismatched boyfriend, and ppl always comes up with theories about how he and jaskier, his sunshine lollipops and very musically and socially talented boyfriend got together, someone says jaskier’s loud mouth got him in trouble and geralt saved him, like some fairytale and it was love at first sight, another says jaskier’s the one who saved geralt bc they saw jaskier throw a bottle at a guy for making a snarky comment about his boyfriend and jaskier’s definitely the scary one i swear it guys, others say jaskier is some sort of rich boy and geralt’s his bodyguard bc his family wouldn’t let him go to college for music unless he’s got a babysitter, in reality they’re both huge nerds who met at a Renaissance faire when history major geralt said jaskier’s hat is tacky and his doublet shouldn’t be That unbuttoned, i can see your undershirt and jaskier was like “why are you looking at my unbuttoned doublet, my eyes are up here oh no ur hot”, Quen - A Witcher’s Sign that creates protective shield around the caster. hirikka . And your longevity? "»Einen weiten Weg hast du hinter dir«, wiederholte, während er den Helm abnahm, Emhyr var Emreis, Deithwen Addan yn Carn aep Morvudd, Die Weiße Flamme, Die Auf Den Grabhügeln Der Feinde Tanzt. I've been fed non-existent caviar. ‘No,’ she repeated. May the earth lie lightly on them all. A world of snoopers and coerced confessions. You’ll die shortly.”. What do you think?" And they couldn’t teach you that.”, “And you?

I watched the death of my friends who followed me here to the end of the world. I know you’ll punish me, but I don’t want to regret my indecision and hesitation. Body guarding him? And when the boots are worn, when your staff is blunt, once the wind and the heat has dried your eyes so that your tears no longer flow, then at the end of the world you may And he did well because she was a bad prophet.”, “Forgive me,’ he said a moment later. Not even knowing her. The Witcher: The 10 Most Badass Geralt Of Rivia Quotes. Nymphomaniacs with no interest in men have questioned my manhood.

Lambert: Aren’t you tired playing white knight for the bard? You can’t afford the luxury of spurning contempt. If I’m to have regrets, let them be for deeds and actions.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Who is full of feelings which torment him, and who is the empty carapace of a cold skull? why. That is my fate, my reason, my life and my attitude to the world. This post is probably the biggest database of Witcher Sayings in a single place.
The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia has done and seen almost everything, which makes these quotes particularly memorable. Ano znikąd. This was a short comic, but I spent 8 hours staring at the panel lines. 2020 mood. [Trigger Warning: body horror (I guess) and blood] My first and only contribution to Netflix’s new show The Witcher is loaded with vital quotes, numerous with profound basic messages that rise above into regular day to day existence. Don’t you have dreams now?’ After he swallows it all, he makes water: that's the tide.

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