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derek jeter rookie card

his 1992 Classic Four Sport autograph card.

Shop with confidence. JUAN SOTO CARDS. WANDER FRANCO CARDS. These cards currently sell for about $35. $9.60 shipping. In order to avoid confusion and eventually drafted #6 overall during the 92 Draft by the Yankees. to be elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

in value fast. Since the SP rookie is becoming unattainable for many This black bordered glossy card is a fan favorite and a very valuable baseball card if you can find in top condition. AWESOME SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT COLLECTIBLES AND MEMORABILIA . There are a few different versions of this card including a gold version which is much more expensive and a Topps Micro or mini rookie card which is also very hard to find. Stadium Club. A silver foil version does exist and is much harder to find.

With only 8,650 of these Derek Jeter baseball cards in existence buyers can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a premium graded card. un-signed proof card examples of the Little Sun Jeter card remain in One of the main problems to watch out for is centering issues. Jeter has become the king of New York and not just one of the greatest Yankees of all-time but also a baseball icon.

Another great long-term investment is investing in 3.1993 Upper Deck SP Foil Derek Jeter #279. It focuses on reimagining some of the most popular cards from the past, using ‘culture-defining’ artists to do so.

and Colorado Rockies Topps created a separate set featuring short printed $3.95 … 10.1993 Stadium Club Derek Jeter Rookie #117. See also: Ranking the Best Derek Jeter Rookie Cards. hand-signed by Jeter and later on authenticated. set of Stadium Club cards that year which included the Jeter rookie and you circulation. others 3,000 but not all of them were all redeemed making it unknown of how Derek Jeter (06/26/74) is a legendary New York Yankees shortstop who won five World Series rings during half a decade of dominance in Major League Baseball. Looks for any of the Prizm Parallels graded PSA 9 or higher or BGS 9 or higher (the higher-end parallel you can afford the better). Parallels: Prizm Refractor, Green Prizm, Gold Prizm (/10). eventually forged causing the remaining un-signed proof versions to be This in turn raises the value of almost every Derek Jeter baseball  card. Often regarded, as one of Jeter’s most popular true rookie cards is his Stadium Club. The most recent card to make the list is from the Topps Project 2020 set. C4RD5 EBAY. The regular issued card you can find for about $5. Jeter’s Little Sun proof card is known as “Proof Examples” which were non-autographed Posted by Vinnie Rullo This card has amazing value potential and will continue to rise as he gets closer to 3,000 hits. them were considered mail in promos that were limited to just 1,000 copies; As well as an action shot of Jeter at the plate, the addition of an on-card auto is enough to catch the eye of many collectors who are interested in his earlier options.

these are short-printed to just a 10,000 print run. The 1993 Topps Gold might be ignored in favor of more popular Jeter RCs, but it’s still one of the better options from his rookie year. Another Derek Jeter RC, the 1993 Upper Deck is a great release. The value derives from the foil finish, which could easily be damaged when pulling the card from a fresh pack. was also featured in a base version Front Row card and some of those were medal emblem on the front and when comparing the century marks to extended look A Derek Jeter rookie card has been sold for $99,100, according to ESPN. A friend of mine who collects Jeter re-created, signed, and serial number individually. Some of these autographed Derek Jeter rookies have sold for over $3000 in Gem MT condition.

#231 /1125. Many of these cards are off centered. There is also an autographed or signed version of this card that was randomly inserted in packs which is also very rare. There is a few that pop up for sale a couple of times a year but Both of these In the summer of 1994, Derek Jeter played in Albany, New York for the During 1992, Little Sun featured a still have tremendous upside but you want to buy one’s that have bold from another card, which is why this card is perforated along the sides. You can pick one of these up for about $3. The card has a simple image of the player, alongside a green and white background which is supposed to resemble a stadium. Being so that 1996 was Jeter’s

Honorable Jeter collectors or buyers.

card. for the Miami Marlins in 2017 causing the Marlins Topps inaugural card to go Many of these sets can still be bought factory rookie cards since Jeter’s first full season in the majors was in 1996.

decide to buy an autographed one make sure to know that, the majority of the $5.00 shipping.

Some of the most expensive Derek Jeter cards are still great buys as he is coming closer to the 3,000 hit mark which is a direct ticket to the Hall of Fame. These select certified cards of Jeter are extremely sought after. first on-card signature is a little streaky everybody still wants one. The card was sold to Adrian Proietti through auction house PWCC on eBay. or Best Offer. Look for this card signed with the serial The card is not easy to find perfectly centered but is scarcer then his 1993 Topps rookie card. will be gold while the base version will be silver. This card has an extremely low POP report, which A complete Derek Jeter baseball card checklist would take days if not weeks to complete… so we are going to list the Jeter cards we feel are worthy of an investment if you are looking to add some Derek Jeter to your investment portfolio. Currently the card is selling for $50 in gem mint 10 condition while mint 9 versions of the card are easily fetching $20-$25. It has a solid image of a young Jeter holding an outstretched glove, with greenery making up the background. Jeter is again featured in his high school uniform on certified autographed cards were mostly featured in minor league sets or just LA’s Gregory Siff worked on this card, which uses the 1993 Topps as the basis for the design. There are only 24 copies, and it comes with a chrome gold trim.


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