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devon rex rescue

Join. She has grown up with two golden doodles. Devon Rex Rescue Information: The Devon Rex is a delicately featured, soft little cat. She is pure bred and cost $1,100 when I bought her. To get the latest on pet adoption and pet care, sign up to hear from us. Chocolate torti point & white female - Sunshine Coast and surrounds, Qld, Aus - **update, home found**, 2 x adult girls Devon Rex need new homes, Tinkerbell 5 years old and Ariel 1 year old - SYDNEY, AUS, Devon Rex and Birman need a new home - Melbourne, Aus,, 7yr old beautiful Devon/Si Rex loving and affectionate, Qld Australia - UPDATE, HOME FOUND, Home for Devon Rex available in Brisbane, AUS, Looking to rescue Devon in New York area (United States), 4 yr old female needing new home - Rochester NY, Rehome female and Male devons (together or separate) - UPDATE HOME FOUND, Wanting to adopt/rescue a devon, North Charleston, SC United States. Occasionally, we will, assist a bonded pair in which only one of the cats is a Devon. At first, Beryl Cox thought Kirlee was a Cornish Rex, since the Cornish’s birthplace was not far away from her county of Devon. Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet. Gives me kisses. Your Devon will hop into the bathtub before it’s dry, just to see what you were up to; a bit of water can’t dampen your Devon’s curiosity, or its thirst to constantly be by your side. Broad in chest and medium fine in boning, with medium fine but sturdy legs. Devon Rex cats are special indeed. Original artwork designed exclusively for Planet Devon is featured on a variety of products. Note: While the characteristics mentioned here may frequently represent this breed, cats are individuals whose personalities and appearances will vary. Hard and muscular, lithe, and of medium length. Tip: Don't allow a dog to jump up on your furniture without permission. The curly-coated tom mated with a straight-coated calico female, producing a litter of kittens in the garden of cat lover Beryl Cox. REPORT NOW. Thanks, Rescue Me! Welcome to Planet Devon – your guide to breeders and breed information for the comical, loyal, out-of-this-world Devon Rex. Planet Devon supports responsible pet owners and Devon Rex breeders (read the ASPCA Breeder Best Practices).If you are ready to bring home your forever Devon friend, you can find responsible breeders here at Planet Devon. The Devon Rex has a similar coat to a Cornish Rex. Rex Rescue, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Prominent whisker pads. I don't feel right receiving money for her. About Trebble. This can lead to more serious and dangerous behavior problems. Chin strong, well-developed. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Marie DeLozier — Devon Rex are the best katz ever!! I would like to find a suitable home for my Ziggy. Their loyalty, devotion, playfulness, courage, and intelligence set them apart from other breeds, just to name a few of the qualities that make them a good choice for the cat-obsessed. Tip: Running in a large backyard is not enough for most animals. I have never owned the breed but have had cats growing up. Animal Rescue (Sorted by Zip Code.) It can be great fun for kids, but, depending on your cat’s personality, it can, Did you know there even was a kitten season? Anything Look…Weird? The Devon Rex is descended from feral cats. Rescue Me! Devons engage in all kinds of acrobatics and like to be right in the middle of the action. 7.5K likes. Today all North American cat associations accept the Devon for championship. The Devon was accepted by TICA in 1979 (the year TICA was formed). 154 Members Join Us! In addition, the Devon is accepted for championship in Europe by The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe). Animal Shelter 202-576-6664 District of Columbia - Washington, DC 20011 Washington Animal Rescue League 202-726-2273 District of Columbia - Washington, DC 20012 Washington Humane Society 202 … Devon Rex Trivia: Devon Rexes are unusually warm to the touch. Adopt Devon Rex Cats in Pennsylvania. Devons are mischievous and precocious. Devon Rex Rescue League (Shelter #1102083) x View Website New Tab If you can't reach someone from a national group, click below to contact someone in a state Devon Rex group. Rex, who are divided into the Cornish and Devon varieties, have short, wavy coats with no overcoat layer of fur. -- 199 Devon Rex Cats have been adopted on Rescue Me! The Devon Rex Breed Club Rescue Committee members, along with a network of volunteer club members. Why buy a Devon Rex kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Allowance to be made for larger size in males, as long as good proportions are maintained. Look at pictures of Devon Rex kittens who need a home. One of the kittens, a brownish-black male that Cox named Kirlee, had the same short, curly coat as his father. Any eye color is acceptable, as no points are assigned to eye color, although colorpoints generally will have blue and minks generally will have aqua eyes. Devons are very smart and can be trained to perform tricks. The father of the Devon breed, a feral, curly-coated tom, lived around an abandoned tin mine near Buckfastleigh, a small town in the county of Devon in southwest England, which borders Cornwall, the birthplace of the Cornish Rex. I'm in Brisbane, Qld. There's nothing she loves more than to sit on your lap and get petted. Kirlee must have inherited one copy of the gene from each of her parents. Carried high on the legs with the hind legs somewhat longer than the front. View 4 reviews. The Devons we help come from homes as the result of the death, of an owner or the inability of an owner to care for their cat any longer due to personal circumstances, other, rescues in need of assistance finding a home for a Devon, or those found as strays. We like bonded pairs to stay together to help, The Devon Rex Breed Club Rescue was established in accordance with the statement and purpose of the, Devon Rex Breed Club Constitution and By-Laws, specifically, preserve the Devon Rex breed; to promote the humane treatment of Devon Rex in members' care through, education and the CFA code of ethics; to strive to ensure that Devon Rex in need get the appropriate, If you know of a Devon in need of assistance in the United States or Canada, please contact, If you are available to help with transport and/or fostering in the United States or Canada, please contact, If you would like to contribute to our rescue fund, which is used for veterinary and foster care expenses for our, “There’s no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat.” – Wesley Bates, “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci, Please open your heart and home to a masterpiece or two, Photographs are copyrighted by the individual photographers. Very affectionate and shy. This Group is also for members looking to adopt a rescue Devon. She needs someone who will give her attention preferably someone who is home a fair bit, not a full time worker. This map shows how many Devon Rex Cats are posted in other states. Tapering to rounded tops and well covered with fine fur. No longer available. She is pure bred, desexed and microchipped. Devons are mischievous and precocious.

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