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difference between write up and article

On the other hand, blogs are usually self-published or go through minimal editing. I began by posting content that appeals mainly to writers, e.g. Problems related to it, 4. the solution. A blog usually appears on a company or individual’s website. You might get feedback, learn stuff you didn't know, and establish new relationships. The difference is in the content and other criteria above rather than the length. Reaching out to all sorts of interesting people. As a business, your blog is a great branding opportunity because it lets you show your personality. However, blogs often describe things from a personal perspective, with a lesser reliance on reportage and data. Search for what you want, categories, tags, keywords, authors, events, anything under YourStory, [Tech30] How 2 college friends built a startup that became profitable in under a year, Former Uber chief’s edtech startup is bringing extracurricular and after-school classes online, [TechSparks 2020] Our audacious goal is to compete with Netflix: Unacademy's Gaurav Munjal, [Tech30 Special Mention] Leveraging AI, CamCom aims to automate quality checks in the warehousing and automotive industries, MyGov’s Abhishek Singh on paving the way for Indian startups, [Funding alert] Gaming platform raises Rs 2.5 Cr from 9Unicorns, Titan Capital & FirstCheque, The Mobile Finance Report 2020: Get the key insights you need to propel your fintech business, [Funding alert] Reverse logistics startup Bizlog Value Chain raises Rs 12Cr in Pre-Series A round, [Funding alert] Insurtech startup Fedo raises $1M from Unicorn India Ventures, [Funding alert] Leena AI raises $8M in Series A round led by Greycroft, [TechSparks 2020] If there are Parle G and telco connection, there should be digital payments: Sameer Nigam on conquering the heartland. In a sense, it’s a one-person conversation with the reader. An article allows you to post an image that appears large atop the piece, whereas in a … When a writer writes a blog, they use first person point of view. Even if the article is published o… The article, on the other hand, would be more likely to appear on the website for an organization in the flooring or construction industries. A standard post now allows for image, video, document or kudos appending. To prevent that from happening with your web content, here are the differences between an article and a blog. I hope this helped! If you’re running a website, you’ve heard the same advice over and over: content, content, and content. For instance, you might write a blog titled, “The Coolest Hardwood Flooring Trends from 2018.” You wouldn’t have to do much research if you do any at all because it focuses on your opinion. To write an Article, one must click specifically on the "Write an article" icon. In articles, on the other hand, SEO isn’t usually a consideration. They presented interesting data. They tend to strike a happy medium between entertainment and education. The difference is in the content and other criteria above rather than the length. On the other hand, putting in SEO keywords isn’t necessary in an article. A blog is casual and conversational. Search Engine Optimisation helps content reach a wider audience and is a key factor behind blogs and write-ups going viral. For example, an article on the new Union Budget of India will contain comparisons to previous budgets, statistical data and reactions from a wide variety of people. The goal is to use a neutral voice so the reader forgets that the writer even exists. Please let me know if I've missed something. This may not be the case for much longer, with editing being a crucial step in the process of publication and blogs constantly evolving. The writing style for blogs has a very casual tone to it. The key is figuring out the one that will produce the results you need for your website. How it gets influenced, 3. An article, on the other hand, is always in third person point of view.

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