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does screen time show deleted apps

Even though the app is deleted the profile that is installed on the device keeps the restrictions working. Screen Time has been around for a while, supposedly allowing iPhone users to “make more informed decisions” about how they use their devices. It invites (and even forces) them to make choices about how they might use their time—playing three rounds of Fortnite, or watching a specific number of episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Often I’ll click through to read a news story someone has linked to—but then, my iPhone construes the time I spend reading as Twitter usage. Screen Time changed the way how I use my iPhone and iPad. Screen Time was always going to be a punitive matter—the feature was meant to set and enforce boundaries, after all. It was Windows, Microsoft’s operating system, that popularized measuring delays by hourglass. Secondly, the exclusions list will not stop the app from counting towards the time limits of its category, which is just absurd. Graphs and bars, telling you how much you used your phone this week (too much), and on what (dumb apps) and how that amount compares to your average (more, probably). Not too much, though—you still have the option to “ignore limit,” either for 15 minutes more or for the rest of the day. The last thing I need is for my iPhone to tsk me with its white-screen hourglass while I’m reading a long article about science or politics. I don’t recommend using Screen Time without making some serious exclusions to both downtime and app limits. To turn Apple Screen Time off, head into the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and tap on Screen Time. However, it does have a couple of drawbacks. It’s possible to set an app-limit password, but that just adds one more layer of self-flagellation to the nuisance: failure and guilt rather than uncomfortable triumph. This morning I re-read T.S.

Compare that with more severe approaches.

You’ve reached your limit on Twitter.” Above it, an hourglass animates to empty. But all this austerity romanticizes an idea of deliberate focus long gone. Then I tap “ignore,” ensuring the prophecy gets fulfilled. I use the app until the time expires. If Apple has taken on the infantilizing role of a parent when it comes to device usage, it’s a pushover of one.

But apparently this doesn’t include apps added after the limit was placed. It’s a panoply of random voices collaged together, impossible to follow, and fills you with dread and despair. The same problem arises with Twitter direct messages. Often, I find the preset categories in Screen Time to be downright awful. But it did do one thing: It helped me see how hopeless that effort really is.

The iPhone 5s is one of the most popular Apple phones, with more than 70 million units sold since 2013.

Click here to see our productivity articles page, build your custom categories in Screen Time, 2 Awesome Tools to Recover Screen Time Passcode on iPhone Easily, How to Enable Right-Click on Trackpad and Mouse for iPad. Finally, tap Add, and then head back to save your changes.

For example, they can limit all games to an hour.

To do something about it, you have to go to the phone settings and create an “app limit.” The phone makes it easy to control usage by app category—social media, or games, or entertainment, for example, though the categories are broad: If you use Twitter or WhatsApp for work, for example, a “social media” limit will curtail your ability to do so. Fifteen minutes.

Better yet, I finally go to bed on time, thanks to downtime.

Before it became an iPhone feature, “screen time” was a parental shorthand for media exposure—mostly television. Kids can delete the Screen Time app from their iPhone, iPad and iPod BUT this won't stop it from working.

It’s not uncommon for several of those activities to overlap within one category of apps, or one app alone. Submit a letter to the editor or write to

Maybe everyone who uses the service is now. Still doesn't explain why they are still active. If you run into any problems (I know, Screen Time can be quite complicated), drop in a comment, and I will help you out.

Certain apps, depending on your situation, can be crucial. Just getting Screen Time set up to do this is not easy. You can also do that while subjecting a category to app limits for the first time. Distracting apps are made moot with app limits, so I procrastinate less. If you have a Screen Time passcode in place, you will need to insert it for the first app that you exclude. Screen Time has other, more structural problems. The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. I’m the second kind. And even if it did, Screen Time still makes sidestepping the limitation too easy.

Step 1: Start by getting to the Screen Time panel in the Settings app. The problem isn’t that Twitter (or social media, or smartphones, or computing) is a distracting time-sink that absconds with your attention.

Step 2: On the subsequent screen, tap Edit List. He specializes in how-tos and explainers on topics related to Apple hardware and software, Google web apps, productivity, privacy, and security. Besides GT, Dilum also contributes to iPhone Hacks. Next up: Forgetting your Screen Time passcode can be a terrible thing to happen.

So a few months ago, I pursued what seemed like a promising compromise: Apple Screen Time, the iPhone feature that lets you set up a daily time limit for any app (or category of apps) you choose. But the process is so unintuitive, I can’t remember how I did it (this way, apparently). Can I turn restrictions back on after installing?

For the first week or two, before you disable the weekly reports from sheer irritation, they arrive in the least hospitable way possible: on Sunday mornings. For example, Skype falls under the Social Networking category, but I often need it for work.

Excluded apps will appear underneath the Allowed Apps section.

Even though the app is deleted the profile that is installed on the device keeps the restrictions working.

If you are on iOS 13, things are much easier, as shown below. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and you'll see 'Turn Off Screen Time' at the bottom. Our app needs to be running in the background so that it can track usage, so if the app is closed down by swiping it away from the running apps list then Screen Time will block the device until it’s restarted. That’s the daily limit I set up for Twitter.

Screen Time features a nifty exclusions list that you can use to exclude an app from downtime as well as any app limits. But it (and social media, and smartphones, and computing) can also be a useful and necessary tool to get things done in contemporary life.

Check out the video to see it in action. But of course, using Screen Time in its rawest form can be terrible.

Last updated on 19 Jun, 2020

It doesn’t have to be Twitter, either. Even though it’s been a miserable failure for me, I’ve chosen to keep Screen Time enabled, and to tap through my app limits as a dutiful submission to a punishment I have chosen. Let me tell you what I do with it: basically nothing.

However, remember that using the exclusions list for an app subjected to app limits will not stop Screen Time from counting towards the overall time limit for the rest of the category. Yes, sure, it is. And that's it. You can do this quite easily, even during downtime or while an app is restricted due to expired app limits. Historically, Apple has deliberately avoided this icon: The first Macintosh interface used a stylish-looking wristwatch to clock away time while the computer worked (Susan Kare, who designed it, thought people would be familiar with a watch but not an hourglass, which the earlier Apple Lisa had used). Everything about Screen Time is disorienting in this way. It’s as if a severe professor were staring sternly down half-rim spectacles at the device, and then you, and then it, and then you again.

Check out this page to see how. Love falling asleep while reading or doing a round of chess.

I took Twitter off my phone to read more.

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By default, it tracks app usage in the background, presenting a weekly summary in the form of a complex chart that tells you that you look at your phone too much.

I’ve considered deleting my account, but I never follow through, for fear of losing the hypothetical value of whatever platform I have built there. I delete the app from my phone regularly, only to reinstall it, sometimes the very same day. I thought this would accommodate just enough time to scan for trends (and calamities), see what people were saying to (or about) me, and then get the hell out again. Kids can delete the Screen Time app from their iPhone, iPad and iPod BUT this won’t stop it from working.

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