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double bass songs

Browse the top double bass artists to find new music. 1. Dream Theater – The Dark Eternal Night (Mike Portnoy). Slayer – Angel of Death (Dave Lombardo), 4. Oceans Ate Alaska- High Horse (Chris Turner), 6. Russ Sargeant is an electric/double bassist and guitarist based near Birmingham, England. The song is a combination of groovy and brutal riffs blending with jazzy keyboards. Each element fits in perfectly with one another and makes for a brutal and determined anthem. If you want to rock out to some great songs with double kicks or you want to get some inspiration when drumming with your own double bass drum pedals, then we hope that this can become your go-to list. Charles Mingus (22nd April 1922 – 5th January 1979) was an American jazz bassist, composer, bandleader, and occasional pianist from Los Angeles. The vocals almost don’t even matter here because the song is so focused on percussion to the point where even the guitars act as support for the drums.

Released in 2003, the second album by the band As I Lay Dying had some great tracks, and ’94 Hours’ was one of the best among the lot. Trivium – “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr”. This list includes both old songs that majorly influenced double bass drumming as well as modern metal songs with blazing fast double kicks. Are you looking for some songs with fantastic double bass drumming? Dipping more into the metal side of the spectrum is Unearth with “The Swarm,” off of their latest record Watchers Of Rule (2014). The album ‘Overkill’ was released in 1979 by the iconic band Motorhead. The fills and cymbal accents in the track outshine his skills. Beginners can surely take inspiration from this playthrough. This song is the eighth track from Trivium’s album ‘The Sin and The Sentence’ released in 2017. Write a comment below! The song contained some impressive drumming by Thomas Lee who is popular for his double bass drums. He started out as a member of the Jan Garbarek Quartet (1967-1973), with…, François Rabbath (b 1931 Aleppo, Syria)) is a contemporary Syrian French double-bass player, soloist, and composer. His bass drumming is a lot less busy than modern tracks, but he was one of the early pioneers of using the double kick. The whole song is worth listening to over and over again, but the drumming is simply ferocious.
In fact, he amps it up. album is finally on the way, Here’s how Every Time I Die are revisiting past sounds on their next album, ‘Spider-Man 3’ has a shocking moment that not even the cast saw coming. Lee worked with equal energy and passion on his drums that blended well with the rest of the band. Miss May I – Forgive and Forget (Jerod Boyd), 9. Jordan Mancino has some heavy use of the double bass in this one, and it’s definitely worth a listen!

Not only is the double bass unrelenting, but the cymbal work and the fills are just as well-placed. And they mean it. Lombardo is one of the fathers of double bass drumming in metal music. Ron Carter (born May 4, 1937) is an American jazz double-bassist. The lyrics and tone of the song were influenced by trauma experienced in James Hetfield’s upbringing. WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. These 15 punk guitarists of the ’80s set the standards for the future, Here’s how Meet Me @ The Altar are changing the landscape of pop-punk, Here’s why Counterparts’ Alex Re created new emo band You Will Always, Here’s how #iVoted Festival is breaking records with a 600-artist gig, It looks like a new Chunk! Opheon’s latest EP, As I Walk With Fire, demonstrates immense skill for musicians who are, for the most part, barely 20 years old. His music is a rhythmic blend of jazz and ambient sounds.

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