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flashing folder with question mark macbook air

To install from a DVD, you'll either need the installation discs from an identical MacBook, or the retail DVD (which is what you'll find on Amazon).

Two ways to remove duplicates from a list. 3) Once the machine booted in the recover mode, You'll be presented with options like restore from time machine, reinstall OSX, etc. I'm starting to wonder if the firmware update that Apple released for Toshiba SSD's several months ago might be a culprit. While starting your MAC again, immediately press and hold the. My problem was that my RAM was "overcharged" (sorry I don't know the exact terms). Best Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Features That Apple Should Adopt! All your data, applications, and system preferences will be as they were as of the last backup. Those instructions go through the whole process in detail, from creating a bootable USB drive (which will require access to a Windows computer) to installing it on your Mac.

Causes of Flashing Mac Folder with Question Mark There are several reasons why the folder with a question mark appears on your Mac’s screen: Your Mac can’t find a bootable volume. After thinking for five or ten minutes the program would load. A flashing folder with a question mark, at startup time, means that the machine cannot find a valid boot volume. In this case, you reselect the Startup Disk from system preferences. Wow, this exact thing just happened to me 2 days ago. Mario Yiannakou. If you are like me and you never turn off your computer, the first thing you should try is not cmd+R but ALT+CMD+P+R to reset your RAM.

You can refer to the user guide that came with your MAC system as to how to access the memory or the RAM slots of your MAC. I have read all macrumor and Apple threads regarding this issue, watched all YouTube videos but this problem still persists. I assumed incorrectly the OS would boot from my Pen Drive - it does not. If you have your original start up disk you could try booting and holding down the C key. Dec 20, 2013 12:14 AM in response to Torque1 When I replace the harddisk with the SSD I get the Flashing folder with Question mark.

It will then present you with an Installation window. However, if you have a piece of failed hardware, their cost to fix it is probably going to be more than the cost of buying a working Mac of a similar vintage.

From the information in your question, it sounds like your Mac does eventually find a disk it can use as the startup drive and finishes the boot process. One way to … I’ll go through your questions.

Instead boot from the Recovery Partition. in the case when checking the drive by using or booting from a recovery partition, or using the disk utility dont fix the problem, then it can be that the HDD is not properly connected, so check the data cables and make sure the HDD is properly installed.
Continue holding the keys until the system restarts and you hear the start-up sound for the second time.

A folder with a flashing question mark means that your startup disk is no longer available or doesn't contain a working Mac operating system.

If it’s not visible, then try … site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. How to fix Flashing Folder with Question Mark on Mac What is the solution for that? This can also happen when your computer has a dead drive.Try rebooting your computer while holding the Command R key.

10/25/2016 by Wait for the HDD icon to appear (just make sure you have either installation disk or USB installer on your system) and everything will be fine. If nothing works you may have to replace your HDD, i have had the same problem but after taking out the HD, I found it to be in 100% fully working order. After repairing use Startup Disk from the same menu to choose your hard drive for restarting from your hard drive. Elliott Beltran, Thanks for the help here. Jun 9, 2014 3:58 AM in response to Torque1 If that repairs any problems run it again until the green OK appears and then run Repair Permissions. If this is the only step, I'll have to take the loss and replace my SSD. Terms — Then, I tried to install a new copy of the system. I went back to disk utility and erased the disk. Since this is a MacBook Air, you have a built-in SSD which is not user serviceable. If the installation starts, then you're probably going to be okay. Good sleuthing.

This could happens because files that are needed to boot the computer are damaged, or the drive's directory is damaged. and, oldturkey03 The folder is still coming up and flashing. You can download Restoro by clicking the Download button below. Atanda Waheed, Alex barraclough A folder with a flashing question mark means that your startup disk is no longer available or doesn't contain a working Mac operating system. I hate the three horizontal bars on top. If you have external hard drive casing then remove harddrive and put it in there. I would hear the disk every time I turned my Macbook off and back on.
What does a folder with a question mark mean on a MacBook? They are available of amazon for less than £10. Now select the Partitions tab in the right side of the panel. (If you have an SSD do not write a pass of zeros.). It's not unknown for previous SSD makers releasing a 'new and improved' firmware that ends up bricking drives. Take off the back the MacBook, remove the HDD, remove the cable from the logic board and any screw that are holding it down. To test this you can purchase an inexpensive external enclosure, remove the internal disk, place it in the enclosure, plug it in and then use Boot-Option to attempt to boot from the now external disk. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. Then use the Erase tab, select “Security Options…” and set it to write a single pass of zeros. I looked at the online video for this question mark issue and they all show the cable for a HDD. @bouncingbuddha. Any suggestions? Trouble shooting that issue online, a common theme was replace the hard drive cable. I restarted it and it showed a blinking folder with a question mark on it. They'll probably be willing to run the necessary diagnostics to see whether you're experiencing a major hardware failure, such as a failed hard disk. Hopefully there is a recall, ^^^^I don't believe that there is another solution. This means there is a failure with the boot drive. How can a hive mind secretly monetize its special ability to make lots of money? In response to hands4. @SteveBishop I'm quite sure that you found the Option key by now but often I have read from Apple that an original Apple keyboard is needed for startup key combos. Thanks for the A2A. I had this same question mark folder flashing problem. I did everything where I ended up in the Disk Utility but my SSD is not reading at all. Then follow instructions to repair. My macbook just barely passed the one year mark. Jan 9, 2014 9:59 PM in response to hands4 If you are unable to shut down your MAC the normal way, then hold down your system’s power button for a few seconds until it shuts down. > there is no Mac OS partition, I assume it would be directly underneath the HD on the left? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. You can't use the installation discs from another MacBook to install the OS onto your MacBook (unless it's the exact same model as your MacBook). The System Disk partition would be below the HD icon indented to the right. Accessibility. I just see the the recovery disk that only has 2GB but no sign of the Macintosh HD. It just means it's overheated.

I believe what you are referring to is a question mark inside of a folder. Handy little page! In response to Skimpi90. I have downloaded a DMG file off the internet to my Pen Drive.

From the memory slots, remove any non-Apple or the third party RAM from your MAC. RichardEL, Feb 10, 2014 8:04 AM in response to KGT117, Feb 10, 2014 8:05 AM in response to Skimpi90, Feb 10, 2014 8:25 AM in response to Skimpi90,,, Feb 10, 2014 8:36 AM in response to hands4, Mar 4, 2014 9:28 AM in response to hands4, User profile for user: $5 Toolkit:, $22 USB 3.0 enclosure:, If you attempt a clean install, use the Partition tab to repartition the disk, selecting one partition and with “Options…” electing a GUID partition.

Where I went to Disk Utility and tired to do a repair, but it came up with a message, saying something like, "It can't do live update or repair" something like that, I didn't write it down. As soon as you hear the boot chime, hold down the "c" key on your keyboard (or the Option Key until the Install Disk shows up) until the apple shows up. Be sure to either use the disc that came with your Mac, or, if you installed a later Mac OS X version from disc, use the newer disc.

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