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greek god of mining

(Last Privacy Policy Update July 2020), Byways & Historic Trails – Great Drives in America, Soldiers and Officers in American History, Boston, Massachusetts – The Revolution Begins, Arrow Rock, Missouri & The Santa Fe Trade. This belief was so strong that the Tommyknockers were allegedly never heard on Saturdays, nor at times of Jewish festivals. These impish, gnome-like men are the Cornish equivalent of Irish leprechauns and English brownies. I live just a few miles west of Confidence. Germans called them Berggeister or Bergmännlein, meaning mountain ghosts or little miners. Legends, Ghosts, Myths and Mysteries Main Page. Over the course of human civiliany godiouses and goddesses have come about. Though not much is heard of the Tommyknockers today, they will forever have a place in our history, legend, and lore. Thank you again for sharing yours. When these grizzled little gnomes were good, they were thought to bring miners favors and wealth. About two feet tall, and often described as greenish in color, they look like men and are most often spied wearing a traditional miner’s outfit. I love hearing stories of the old days. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Smithing gods. GOD OF MINING & PRECIOUS METALS. Germans called them Berggeister or Bergmännlein, meaning  “mountain ghosts” or “little miners.”. Among these dieties there are many who preside over agriculture, plants, and the earth. When the California Gold Rush began, these experienced Cornish miners were welcomed and often sought after by the mine owners. Our cookies are delicious. Well known for their mining abilities as well as the delicious pasties they would carry with them to work. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Samothrace, Rhodes, Lemnos, Imbros and Cyprus are mystery Islands, associated with volcanic formations, subterranean fire, and metal-work. These highly spirited characters were also known to perform many of the mining duties, working right alongside the men, as well as being blamed for many a prank, and credited with saving the lives of many miners. Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound 804 ff (trans. Superstitions continued when many a family death or disaster was allegedly foretold by a knocking in the house. Mining is an ancient profession and along with the back-breaking work and dangers of working in the dark underground, comes century-old superstitions, the most notable being that of the Tommyknockers. My father said his mother would bake saffron cake for his father to take with him. To not do so was very bad luck. In some mines, where the Tommyknockers’ presence was known to be overwhelmingly malevolent, the mines were forced to close because of the mens’ fear of the spirits. Belief in these diminutive miners remained well into the 20th century until modern systems and education replaced these earlier superstitions. But when they were bad, they were said to bring about misery, injury, and death to those who doubted their power or who did not believe in them. Who is the Greek god of miners? Later, the legend of the Tommyknockers evolved into the idea that the knockings were caused by dead miners who were kind enough to give warnings of danger to the living. Hathor was also worshipped at various quarries and mining sites in Egypt's Eastern Desert, such as the amethyst mines of Wadi el-Hudi, where she was sometimes called "Lady of Amethyst". This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. “My father grew up in a mining camp, Confidence, California. We use cookies. H Hephaestus‎ (3 C, 10 P) there is no god of mining there are gods that are like that butthere are no gods of mining. His father worked at the Confidence mine. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. The name “knockers,” pronounced “knackers,” comes from the knocking on the mine walls that often happens just before cave-ins. Yet, others believed that the knocking sounds would lead them to a rich ore body and or signs of good luck. Actually caused by the creaking of earth and timbers, some thought these sounds of “hammering” were malevolent, indicating certain death or injury, while others saw their “knocking” as well-meaning, warning the miners that a life-threatening collapse was imminent. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Weir Smyth) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) Haides, as god of wealth's] stream that flows with gold." © Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated September 2019. The Cornish miners would reply something like this: “Well, me cousin Jack over in Cornwall wouldst come could ye pay ’is boat ride.” Soon, these many immigrant miners took on the nickname Cousin Jacks, who formed the core of America’s early western mining workforce. Attempting to recruit more minders, managers often approached the immigrants, asking if they had any relatives back in England who might come to work the mines. Your recital is right on. Living beneath the ground, they have been “known” to have committed both good and bad deeds through the centuries, often playing practical jokes and committing random acts of mischief, such as stealing unattended tools and food. I grew up in Ohio and when my grandmother came to visit, she baked a small saffron cake for us.”, Mr. MacLaren, thank you so much for sharing a bit of your family history. When the mines played out, the legend continued, as many said the Tommyknockers found “work” in the homes surrounding the old mineshafts. The Cornish believed these wee little men were the souls of the Jews who crucified Christ and were sent by the Romans to work as slaves in the tin mines. Bette Bruce, Tuolumne, CA, Your email address will not be published. In Greek mythology, Perseus (/ ˈ p ɜːr s i ə s,-sj uː s /; Greek: Περσεύς) is the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty.He was, alongside Cadmus and Bellerophon, the greatest Greek hero and slayer of monsters before the days of Heracles. : "The Grypes (Griffins), and the one-eyed (monôpoi) Arimaspoi (Arimaspians), mounted on horses, who dwell about the flood of Plouton's [i.e. This belief was so strong that the Tommyknockers were allegedly never heard o… One such group, is the Telchines of Rhodes.Strabo has the following to say about them: As such, their superstition of the Tommyknocker thrived and spread throughout the mines of the west. If a hammer was missing, it was the Tommyknockers who had taken it, but if a miner escaped a collapse, the Tommyknockers were given credit. Father’s stories of those times included the tommyknockers. AskLogin. When the miners (the cousin Jacks) finished their day, they always left some saffron cake for the tommyknockers. : Subcategories. The Cornish miners are a big part of the history around here. - Answers. In praise of these kind gestures, the miners would leave offerings of food and other items in order to secure their good graces and protection. The Cornish believed these wee little men were the souls of the Jews who crucified Christ and were sent by the Romans to work as slaves in the tin mines. Another crucial factor in Mining Mythology is the Volcano Factor. These impish, gnome-like men are the Cornish equivalent of Irish leprechauns and English brownies. The Tommyknockers were first heard of in the United States when Cornish miners worked in the western Pennsylvania coal mines in the 1820s.

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