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henry 22 pump

It also sports a grooved receiver for mounting a scope, and Marbles semi-buckhorn fully adjustable rear sights with standard 3/8″ dovetail slots enabling you to change sights if you choose to do so. Next post: The Answer to the Paris Attacks Lies in the 2A (But Not the Part You’re Thinking of), Previous post: Lame Duck Obama to Target Guns in Final Year, People like Henrys because they haven’t had the pleasure of owning American classics in good condition, Nor does anyone have the courage to scope these Henrys, (all Scopeable) and sit down and shoot 5×5 shot groups at 50 yards with decent ammo, and print the results. I think all Henry rifles are over priced, even if they could match the same quality of the others. The Henry Pump Action Octagon Rifle is just the ticket for the shooting gallery theme. If it isn’t… it’s just hype and not review, The Henry 22 pump action rifle is a reminder of the “days of old” at the shooting galleries! A valid U.S. and/or state government-issued identification document, or combination of government-issued documents, which reflect the buyer's current residential address, must be presented at the selected store location prior the completion of any firearm-related paperwork and background check initiation. In years to come I trained my children gun safety and basic marksmanship in the barn with ammo that was called “CB CAPS” … shorter casing than a standard .22 Short round, but ideal for indoor shooting and pest control. Speaking of the action, this is what makes this rifle what it is. The deep V allows you to find the front post in a hurry. The ejection is strong and throws the empty cases 6 or so feet to the right and slightly behind the shooter. Choose from one chambered for .22 LR, .22 Magnum, or .17HMR. It has standardized scope rails built into the top. You say the receiver is made of an alloy, with steel parts inside. Choose up to 20 words to create a very special rifle for a special occasion gift or simply as a family heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation. “Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. It’s a company whose styles are either mindnumbingly mundane, or cheap and gaudy like a 19th Century bar girl. That is how I learned to shoot and I suspect that was the case for a lot of us. With 40-grain projectiles reaching speeds of almost 2,000 feet per second, this cartridge is an ideal choice for squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons. The Colts were probably the most popular rifles used in the old shooting galleries. While I do not own a Henry, I can attest to the pure enjoyment of a .22 short pump rifle. This threaded barrel uses industry-standard 1/2×28 threads on the muzzle end that are .400″ in length so you can add on your favorite rimfire suppressor. I have a Henry .22lr lever action and it is great! This swift shooting rifle is a modified variation of the Henry model H001 Lever Action. Henry is a company that exists because firearms writers like to tout new products, for whatever reasons. Any Rossi Taurus Winchester pump clone is light years nicer and true to the concept. There is a release lever that will unlock it so you can eject a live round if need be. There were even indoor ranges at saloons.
I found that with a safe backstop they made great targets. Like a Shooting Gallery Champ! Kudos Henry for providing us the continued means, and to Sam for helping to remind us you don’t need a radical AR and 1000 rounds to have a good time.

In 100 years this classic designs and even the Reproductions will be owned with pride, while Henry will thankfully be forgotten and incoporated as land-fill. Buzz, My only point of difference being my disfavor of the rear sight. Related Tags: You can buy a Savage MK 2, which you can actually hit stuff with for about half that. There is a half cock notch on the hammer to keep it from resting on the firing pin if you needed to carry the rifle with a round in the chamber. My wife got an old gallery gun from her father almost 40 years ago. The Colts have a loading gate on the side of the receiver while the Henry loads through the top of the tube magazine.
Not a one, not a single reviewer.

The Henry is reminiscent of the old Colt Lighting pump action rifle. It’s not correct and it doesn’t look good. That is where I learned to instinct shoot with both eyes open without using sights. Copyright © 2020 Sportsman's Warehouse. I’ve got an old Remington gallery gun that my great-grandfather used to put down livestock for butchering, and it still shoots very well and is a lot of fun to boot! Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the, Beaded Front & Marble's Semi-Buckhorn Rear / Groved Receiver, Sights: Beaded Front and Marble's Semi-Buckhorn Rear / gal.roved Receiver. Please try again later. To say something is made of alloy is to say it is made of metal, iron, gold, aluminum, silver, etc, “alloyed” with other substances to make it suitable for a particular purpose. There is already a tried and true good one out there for less money. Rich people would set up indoor ranges in their homes.

OUT OF STOCK (73) Henry Standard Lever Action .22 LR. At my old age I recall shooting galleries at all county fairs and traveling carnivals, and loved them. SAVE UP TO $50 ON YOUR ONLINE ORDER TODAY! HENRY PUMP ACTION.22 CAL. And I have had several 22 cal rifles. Watch out! Weighs only 6 lbs. Beautifully finished American walnut is used for the stock. All told Henry’s offering is an excellent value, and a great way to keep the timeless traditions of informal target contests and creative plinking alive in America. There was a huge coal strip mine near where we lived, and when they rebuilt the swivel on the big strip shovel there were one and one half inch ball bearing discarded. The Colts were probably the most popular rifles used in the old shooting galleries. The ammo used at the gallery was Winchester and Remington .22 Short, “Gallery Loads,” specially made for gallery use. I sure do, and thanks to Henry I felt like a kid again. Choose from a .22 Long Rifle or .22 Magnum style.

At a cursory glance, Henry’s Pump Octagon looks very much like those old gallery guns– the 1890 and 1906 series that Winchester once produced – but once I got my hands on it, I felt what I think to be a more heavily built rifle.

See the picture. ( I had my pick of six when I acquired mine.

The same friend offered up his own henry lever and pump for me to try. Just free a stick of 22 shorts from the stash, toss a few golf balls in the yard and challenge your shooting pals to some rifle golf, then let the grin take over, you won’t regret it. There is nothing to be proud of in owning this rebadged Erma, innacurate with a lousy trigger pull, and ugly enamelled receiver. There was a loop welded near the muzzle, attached to a snap and chain to prevent them from being turned away from down range. It is the Remington model “12 Gallery Special”. Accuracy is very good with iron sights at 50 yards and the rifle handles 22 rl rounds of various manufacturer with ease. While it isn’t as effortless as the Evil Roy .22 lever-action Henry we ran a couple of months ago, it isn’t hard to master.

The Henry Pump Octagon, available in calibers.22LR or.22 Magnum, is one gun that is built for fun. The slugs were very light weight and turned to powder when the round hit the metal moving ducks, rotating pipes, pop-ups and other targets. We reserve the right to correct pricing errors. A Marlin MDL. 2 Browning Modern Design Rimfires I owned were also failures, unfortunately they were a total break from real 22 icons, the beautiful Browning Trombone, and the still manufactured Browning 22 semi auto. You may have gladly divorced them, but you are not ashamed over the experience. .22 seems to be getting easier to find now. Rimfire, Buy one on GunsAmerica: pump, Read more at Henry: From left to right: 22 Long Rifle, Long, Short and CB Short. Henry Repeating Arms, All Rights Reserved. These attemps at replacement are notable for being failures, but being Browning at least they were pretty failures made to quality standards of Browning with quality materials.

Classic 20″ blued steel octagonal barrel model with upgraded fully adjustable rear sights and brass bead front sight. Still shoots great, shorts or longs, and is a great way of spending $20.00 on a full afternoon of fun.

I wish they had made it simple to mount a scope.

After about 100 rounds it had gotten a lot better and continued to do so during the 500 or so I put through the Henry. 5 in the center where shot for a group the others were going as fast as I could. All firearms MUST be picked up by the BUYER (ACTUAL PURCHASER) at your selected Sportsman's Warehouse store or chosen Independent Firearm Dealer (“FFL”). The round was hearing safe as it was little more than a percussion cap with a bullet on the top. Step right on up and see if you are up to the challenge.

The meat of the rifle is it… .22 Magnum It wasn’t ejecting cleanly. That’s not the case here, rather than the Henry abominations, the world needs resurrection of old Windhesters and Remingtons, from Miroku, and from Rossi/Taurus, and even from Norinco. This was not a scientific test, though, to see if that is the case. 60 (which way more “fun”) for less than that…. An error occurred processing your request. As everyone knows, or should, virtually every metal part of every gun made since Dave Crocket’s days, and maybe even then, is made of one alloy or another.

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