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And that’s what sustains me. (laughs) Get ’em, get ’em! By Janaya Khan. Malkia Devich-Cyril : There is the possibility of dialogue with folks that are private. We (can) think about it more in the Fred Hampton way of thinking about coalition building, about common interests, about shared vision, and thinking to ourselves that white supremacy hurts everybody. This endless study of whiteness and concepts like ‘white fragility’. [5] Much of their work analyzes intersectional topics including the Black Lives Matter movement, queer theory, Black feminism, and organized protest strategies. That’s dangerous, because the digital is actually far less accountable – far less visible. I see Black Lives Matter as an invitation into this new way of being, a new world; the movement for Black lives, abolition as those things. “Anyone who (says) their approach is the right way, and the only way, they’re not interested in victory, they’re interested in being right. I think it’s an active choice. And I’m asking and persuading and demanding that people choose life with us. And if we start by making sure we are uplifting the most vulnerable, then I don’t really, truly believe that allies are a real thing. He was not just a representative for his constituents, he was a representative of the best parts of humanity. I don’t think fighting this information is a number-one (priority for Black organisations) right now – it’s a gap that needs to be addressed by our communities.” (Malkia Devich-Cyril), “The only way to combat confusion is organisation; that’s why base-building is so important. And they do. Some inherit wealth in this country, others inherit struggle. So I honestly haven’t seen a drastic change. I think this notion of accessibility as it’s commonly used now – save that for amateur burlesque night. You feel me? But ‘defund the police’ is an abolitionist phrase. Founded by America Ferrera, Ryan … I had no idea what to do with it. Conspiracy theories end up harming our people and democracy. A long period of escalation, of emergency. And I think that what happens with (some) Gen-Z activism is we have been told that we have to sell the issues in order to gain publicity or gain ground in the work. And on top of that – I don’t even know how to say it – but when people post the videos of Black people being murdered, I think that’s (now) something else. So there’s this very navel-gazing, guilt-ridden sort of mobilisation of people that’s fuelled by this narrative of ‘allies’. And that was a difficult coming-to-terms for me, because I like the literal and I like what I can see and control. And I feel it every time I am in that space, every time I’m in the middle of protests. We’ve been through segregation and displacement and colonialism and wars and we survived. Janaya "Future" Khan is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto. Tech and corporate accountability work is so interesting to me, because we are dealing with huge entities that are not regulated in very necessary ways. Black lives matter? Janaya Future Khan: And practice, right? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. The first thing I wanted to ask everyone is, how are you all doing? ’Cos I haven’t even been on Earth that long, but... (laughs) (Those) six years, that’s almost half of my entire life. It’s crazy! But the other thing is this. That’s why pronouns are scary for people: you are shaking up what people have formerly taken as immutable truths. “I don’t really, truly believe that allies are a real thing. I believe in building Black community and investing in Black futures; I believe that is justice. We learn this with the white conservative right in the US, but (also) in other parts of the world where affirmative action was a thing as well, and (other people) tried to reclaim that language and turn it into something it wasn’t. It’s so funny because there are all these allies who are saying defund the police, but then they’re saying that they’re not abolitionists, as if defunding the police isn’t on the road to abolition! And we are highly adaptable too. (But) there are some things that maybe need to just be straight-up publicly addressed. And I say ‘Black’, but I really mean radical, revolutionary, progressive Black leadership, you know? This city asks you to consider Blackness as plural. News. None of us are too good to suffer.Miami taught me the art of killinga mosquitoThe other day i planted a bed of healing love brought me two butterflies he found on his walk brokenwings hanging from his fingertips,they sat btwn the rosemary and thyme, incapable of flyingall flutter and mightto love.fear is a spirit i will not let in.cradling a metaphorthe year is not yet over. (And) a lot of folks, particularly non-Black people of colour and white folks, have been trying to sell the movement. And I think that ends up taking power away from the movement and the struggle altogether, because now what we’re doing is like, here’s a cookie, here’s a gold star for showing up, right? Join Facebook to connect with Janaya Khan and others you may know. You know what I’m saying? And yet it’s like this simple truth that we need, because this is a period of transition, you know? And I have chosen my struggle to be media, technology and culture. Malkia Devich-Cyril : Narratives are only as powerful as (the things that) back them up. Maybe you might lose your job, but you’re not going to jail, right? I’m curious as to how you’ve all seen the BLM movement change since its beginnings in 2013. Good trouble. I’m inspired by Black and indigenous solidarity, by trans kids bravely being themselves, by people speaking their truths, by all of the ways that all of us on the margins are rising up and taking back space in this world.” – Janaya Future Khan, “(Just a few) massive companies are informing what it is we know and how we know it. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. When in reality, if you really cared about Black lives, you would just show up without even needing that label, without even needing a badge of honour. There’s a notion of being global – transmitting a message to everyone, everywhere – within that title, but for Khan, posting 45-minute sermons on their own Instagram emerged as the most direct, powerful way to communicate in a time of global turbulence and transformation. Tracking authentic news and sources is very difficult. “And that is what we must continue to bring forth. It Can Also Lead to Activism, 21 Savage: For Black Americans to Undo Centuries of Racist Policies, We Need Financial Literacy, Pharrell Williams: America's Past and Present Are Racist. What has been the evolution? catch these poems before you whine about howwe did not answer.This year was a dedication to florida water. So anyone who comes out here asserting that their approach is the right way, and the only way, they’re not interested in victory, they’re interested in being right. But now, what does it mean to say Black Lives Matter? It really gave me some of the tools to live in my own fullness, to embrace myself, my body. And we aren’t going to get anywhere unless we stand arm in arm with the Black women, which includes Black trans women. Janaya "Future" Khan is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto. Does it mean queer and trans Black lives or straight Black lives? I was asked if I was a boy almost everyday until well into my late teens. I’m the young person.’ But, no, there were a lot of kids, there were tanks, there was teargas, there were kids getting shot with rubber bullets. I don’t have to do anything.” But not doing something makes them an agent of a society that creates moral apathy and a selfish bewilderment. We danced in the rain and it was beautiful to be a part of. And I do believe in it. Khan, meanwhile, is unequivocal about what they think the anti-racism movement needs: less focus on white people, their needs and their contribution; and more focus on Black liberation, Black futures and Black allyship. Are you kidding me?’ And now people are so desensitised to Black lives that we can post videos of Black death and brutality and murder and people don’t feel anything. Just saying ‘Black lives matter’ is so simple. It’s really beautiful in my opinion. We tried to come up with cute ways to reframe ‘ally’– it’s time that we retired those terms. And I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s passing. Thank you for being so honest. Thank you Congressman. So the question is: which is more dangerous?” This is the dilemma put to me by activist Malkia Devich-Cyril, as they describe the impossible choice so many of us faced this summer, when the murder of George Floyd triggered a global reckoning that swept across borders, industries and – to an extent – racial lines. We don’t have to focus and centre whiteness. But I don’t think we have to give up expertise for the sake of accessibility. It’s crazy. And so we can say all day that we don’t want to fuck with white people, but somebody has to, just like somebody has to fuck with the Latinx community and somebody has to fuck with the Native (American) community, and somebody has to fuck with the disabled community. After that, everything in society taught us to shrink. "the powerful story behind black lives matter - i-D", "The Controversy Surrounding Black Lives Matter in Canada", "This Is What Sets Toronto's Black Lives Matter Movement Apart from America's", "Janaya Khan, Black Lives Matter Toronto Co-Founder, On Racism And Self-Care", "Our Issues, Our Struggles: A Conversation Between Activists Daniela Gomes and Janaya Khan", "Black Lives Matter is shining a harsh light on racism in Toronto—and pissing off some powerful people", "Janaya Khan On Living Beyond Gender Binaries And The Power Of Activism", Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0), This article lacks significant content. But when I think about that, I remember that somebody imagined shackles on Black wrists, and enough people believed it to make it true. To organise a base, every single person brought into that movement has to have a reason to be there and they themselves have to understand why they are there. I do believe that it is a waste of time at this particular point, because it really is, for me, not about what to do with (white people), but about how to win. Either way, (it was) stay home, risk your life; go out protesting, risk your life.

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