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is thoth still alive

He was always closely associated with Ra and the concept of divine order and justice.

Thoth is the Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon.

In this same way, Thoth presided over justice on earth among human beings. Disclaimer: Please consult with your doctor before attempting to fast. The word, darkness, here only refers to the physical body, which Thoth often refers to as a prison that one must break free from. This one might be a doozy for many people.

Thoth was responsible for framing and enforcing the laws of ma'at.

extending his consciousness out of the darkness, Thoth was born from Set's forehead and, in some versions, then mediated the struggle between the gods (in other versions the battle between Horus and Set is resolved by Neith and, in others, by Isis). This part, at least, seems easy enough to understand, even for beginners. Mark, published on 26 July 2016 under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

Even though Ra had been angry with his daughter, Nut, he relented and honored Thoth for his part in getting around Ra's decree.

Centre thy soul-force in the place of thine consciousness, The ibis was a sacred bird in ancient Egypt as well as a popular pet and associated with wisdom.

In every case, Thoth is the creator of written language and the literary arts both for humans and the gods.

Thoth as a Baboonby Steven G. Johnson (CC BY-SA).

He was the patron god of scribes and it was said that scribes would pour out one drop of their ink in Thoth's honor before they began their daily work. Retrieved from

Mark, J. J. Let’s translate that into a language most people can understand, shall we? In every version, Thoth is the scribe who records the events of the contest and offers advice to the gods.

Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! They inscribed a person's fate on the bricks on which their mother gave birth and the length of a king's reign on the leaves of the ished tree (210). The University of Cairo features Thoth on his throne as their logo and statuary of the god remains one of the most popular and recognizable, after images of King Tutankhamun, Queen Nefertiti, and the goddess Bastet, in the modern world.

first ye must linger until at last ye

His responsibility for writing was shared with the goddess Seshat.

He was so important to the gods, and especially to Ra, that he was the god chosen to retrieve Ra's daughter from the distant lands she sometimes fled to. Place in thy mind-place the image thou desireth.

Who better to guide us?

Thoth, (Greek), Egyptian Djhuty, in Egyptian religion, a god of the moon, of reckoning, of learning, and of writing.

open must be he to the flower of life,

Ancient History Encyclopedia, 26 Jul 2016. The Distant Goddess story also always involved the Eye of Ra, the all-seeing eye, which Ra needed on a daily basis; it was therefore imperative that the goddess be brought back quickly and the eye returned but she was too powerful to be forced and the task called for subtlety.

Corrections? He is seen in a number of images keeping track of the days and numbering the years by which the Egyptian scribes were able to record the country's history. The man who, according to legend, gave us the zodiac, alchemy, magic, philosophy, and much more. by Georges Perrot and Charles Chipiez (1883) (Public Domain). Nut was then able to give birth to each of her children (Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys, and Horus) on each of the days.

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