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jojo stand stats

Nocturne (Act 3) is a 7 ft. tall stand, it is made out of shadow but it can manifest it's body parts as physical. Burn Monkey would take heat from any variety of media and applications, just like what's explained in the condition section. Appearance: A green, spherical Stand with light green accents around its sides, top, and bottom that look like Gyro Zeppeli's facial hair. He then tried to attack the opposing hitman with it, but the enemy saw him and then he kicked him off, making the hitman dropped the arrow and falling to the floor. Has one blue eye and one red eye. ➟ History: Born in 1990 (17 by 2007), Frullata is the Great Granddaughter of one of Caesar A. Zeppeli's brothers. He eventually got them under control, but right when he had, they disappeared. If the target is somehow unconcious, they may be able to enter the dream world again, but they will still encounter with Enter Sandman as the stand actually didnt go anywhere and will only go if the condition is fulfilled. The maximum range of the field is 100 meters. The effect wears off after ten minutes. Sheer Heart Attack, a physical stand, also has an A in durability, and it's shown to be pretty much unbreakable. The user can assume a two-dimensional form, extend outward to become a larger shadow, blend into the darkness/shadows completely, or even teleport through them. When the light subsided, it had obtained Requiem. As the opposing hitman were trying to get the knife back, an idea appeared on the hitman's head, as he remembered that he had an arrow-shaped object in his pocket. Let's go ahead and do the rest of the lines. Suddenly, Razor felt a very painful jolt in his stomach, and flew over to a nearby lamppost. (Grasping, restraining, holding, pushing, pulling, etc). So, it's just King Crimson, but backwards? "Remember, never meet me again, until fate tells me that my vision about you is correct". Patriot Finisher: Same as before, but also WAY more powerful. User: Literally any good president of the USA. Look in the Mirror -  In the dimension, the user makes a reflection which turns into a clone of the user, and exits the dimension with the user. Condition: Can absorb heat from various media and applications, such as a newly-made asphalt road,  boiling water, sunrays, or even from a direct physical attack aswell (based on the vector theory that every kinetic movement creates heat), which minimizes the damage and boosting it's durability. Arden is Third-year high school delinquent who looks like a fashion designer that recently joined a yakuza clan. Its eyes now have a brighter glow and a faint red, white, and blue aura. Arden's mother owns a salon and he always helps her to ease her job everyday. Hope this helps! Appearance: IBT's true appearance is unknown to everyone, including its user. Appearance: Neon Trees emerges as a pitch black humanoid figure with neon pink sunglasses (think the ones people would wear indoors) and an afro through which it absorbs and distributes color. Im usually a pretty nice person. It looks a lot better and allows you to read more on the diagram. Burn Monkey and its clones would take in a group stance, both absorbing and gushing out all of its heat at the same time, which created a chemical reaction between the overlapsing heat and the air. The user may activate it's ability on people who's asleep. The Stand is visible to stand users and those who have seen the body of it's previous user. Requiem Obtained: One of the people who found the arrows was a scientist for the U.S. Government. Thank you for the questions! Ability: can teleport objects or people to him or go to people or places if he has a photo of the person, object, or place. In short, this skill produce clones. When he tried to pull out the game over screen of his life, there he meets someone, the one that'll change his whole life. There isn't a built-in feature but you can use other screenshot programs like Gyazo or hit PrtScn, paste the image into a photo editor, and crop it. I'm getting Nico Robin from One Piece vibes from this stand, not that i complain though, I will be honest with you. To prevent overheat from absorbing the heat around, Burn Monkey could spread out the heat that had been absorbed, making the temperature of the area significantly but slowly being increased. Its main use lies in its ability, able to imbue small objects (as in no bigger than a small beach ball, which is a little bigger than RRA1) with a bit of Spin energy. Custom Jojo Stand Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Oh shit so you replied to this broken stand that i made, and it was 2 weeks ago? Events that happened in the past (already happened) or the future (not happening yet) wouldn't be able to be changed. BEFORE YOU READ THIS I HIGLY SUGGEST CHECKING OUT THE MAIN STAND AND ORIGINAL REQUIEM VERSION! A reverse low-pitched sound of [REDACTED] will also be playing when the ability is activated. 200 Jojo Tweets Daily results Result patterns 55,993,750,000 Oh shit i forgot about him. Can throw objects out of the dimension via the cloud beneath DO's torso, but needs to exit the dimension with the object. Its arms and legs are made out of newspapers that are also filled with the same black symbols. Its color attacks cannot damage anybody who is completely colorblind (only sees in black and white). Stage two of the Stand: Night Prowler Back in Black (yes, another AC/DC reference.). I just realized this is a lot like a Lynel from BotW.. It would copy the form of the copied Stand and would appear in its original form (not affected by Requiem or other form changes, such as Star Platinum) and would be able to use any abilities the copied Stand could use, just slightly weaker. When creating your stand, stand stats are required for an accurate limit of the stand's power. This goal is.." the user will in-voluntarily state what they wanted to most to happen before they pierced themself with the Requiem arrow. It has Big white eyes and completely black(shadow) body as from some sort of a horror game or movie. Razor hoped that one day he meets that fortune teller again, to thank him for returning his main purpose of being a hitman, and may even have a rematch again each other. One day, the arrow began to react again. If IBT's user can make out the physical appearance of the target the ability would work. Its hair is white like its goggles, and it's long and flows about as if it were blowing in the wind. Spectrum Barrage: A barrage attack where Neon Trees focuses its energy into its hands and feet, and releases them through a rapid barrage of punches and kicks. Stand Name: Right Round Act 1 (An Act Stand like Echoes and Tusk) (References a song I hope you know). Background: He discovered his Stand at the age of 10 when its ability activated for the first time when he and an old American man in tan clothes and hat looked each other in the eye when he was coming home from a vacation in Egypt. Limitations: Ability only activates when both the user/stand and the target make direct eye contact with each other. Example: The stand touches a wall, railing, ground, objects, or other stands (does not work on itself), etc and have any number of arms rise out and fullfill whatever task they're summoned for. He had kept it locked up in an incredibly safe place, and checked every day to see if it was still there, in fear it would be taken into the wrong hands. Plus this is the only reliable place to get feed back and find more fans of the show. For an easier exposure, imagine a dragon breathing out flames out of its mouth. Appearance: Same as before, but now with shoulder pads and knee pads with a symbol resembling the arrow it was pierced with. Unity is a stand that manifests in the form of a long wooden pole with carvings on it that show the pole touching 2 people and them fusing into one. Well yes, but technically no, since King Crimson's power is to skip time and erase the skipped time, and can be activated freely. I do not claim ownership of these assets or the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure name or brand). He need not to look at the photo just be in possession of the photo. And to answer your question I think a lot of people are on their phones than their desktop/laptop so it's easier to just port over stands. Once the task is complete they go away. Desc: The user is able to create a field of absolute impenetrable darkness that completely negates sight and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses. This could range from something as simple as regenerating an arm that has already been severed and incinerated and the wound already sealed off, to rejecting death itself for resurrection (similiar to GER, but without the loop).

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