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kid gets hit with basketball vine

Cities Are Preparing for Election Night Protests With Curfews and Plywood. A terrifying storm is about to hit in Central America, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday announced a new month-long lockdown for England after being warned that without tough action a resurgent coronavirus outbreak will overwhelm hospitals in weeks. The Swing State Experts to Follow on Election Night. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. The case is sure to take years, but the ramifications for Silicon Valley — and the country in general — may be huge. Unlike during the U.K.’s first three-month lockdown earlier this year, schools, universities, construction sites and manufacturing businesses will stay open. How Trump and Barr’s October Surprise Went Bust. A guide to the voices on Twitter that can help make sense of the scene on the ground in the key states that could decide the election. Kid Gets Nailed With Basketball, Internet Laughs. Most Viewed Stories. Get your need-to-know On the day the U.K. passed 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, Johnson made a sudden about-face and confirmed that stringent restrictions on business and daily life would begin Thursday and last until Dec. 2. Here’s when we’re likely to know if we’re looking at another Trump upset, a Biden landslide, or a fight that goes into a turbulent overtime. American Flag Collapses at Trump Rally in North Carolina. The Working Families Party’s Fight for Survival. Republicans have stumbled upon a logical — if ironic — solution to their diversity problem. Trump needs a win or a draw in several close states, including Pennsylvania, before he can think about claiming victory or contesting the results. All rights reserved. Can Cuomo kill the left’s best chance at its own political party? Scott Galloway on the Antitrust Case Against Google. Log in or link your magazine subscription, We Can Tell a Better Story About Women’s Votes. In the week since Brady got hit in the face with a basketball, both his Vine account and Nathan's Vine accounts have grown to over 16,000 followers. It wasn’t the ideal symbol for a president who is 30 hours out from an election he is on track to lose. Activities ranging from haircuts to foreign holidays must once again be put on hold. A Vine video of a little boy’s whacky reaction to getting hit in the face by a basketball has been shared almost 300,000 times. Say what you will about kids these days, but the fact that teens are constantly plugged into cell phones is the best thing that has happened to viral internet content since dental anesthesia. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. COVID-19 led to setbacks for many far-right parties across Europe as issues like immigration receded and voters sought out competent leadership. Pelosi’s Grip on the House Will Tighten After the Election. That’s friendship right there. ‘Self-Defense Is Self-Care’: How Liberal Gun Owners See the Election, “The tree can’t be harmed if the Lorax is armed.”, Marco Rubio Supports Trump’s Authoritarian Political Violence Now. England to enter new lockdown as UK virus cases pass million. The president apparently believes he can win over moderates by vowing to fire Fauci, subvert democracy, and promote political violence. View this vine on Vine Boarding up windows, locking down, and anticipating an unsettled outcome. Democrats should win more seats led by another suburban surge, this one possibly centered in Texas. Inside Glenn Greenwald’s Blowup With The Intercept ; Texas Has Already … Trump: The U.S. Is Worse to Deal With Than Russia, China, or North Korea. Trump Closes Campaign With Bold Anti-Democracy, Pro-Violence Message. “We’re going to be together forever,” he told a crowd in Wisconsin. Trump’s Election Eve Message Focuses on Refusing to Pay Microphone Guy. Trump couldn’t keep his plan secret another three days. On an Election Day with voting rights in peril, history can be our blueprint. …. If Republicans Hate Silicon Valley, Why Don’t They Do Something About It? The president understands his true enemy: democracy. Melton might not have sunk the shot, but Dillis at least scores a few bonus points for adding the dramatic slow-motion effect. Under the new restrictions, bars and restaurants can only offer take-out, non-essential shops must close and people will only be able to leave home for a short list of reasons including exercise. Today, I present Cullen Melton, a teenager whose failed attempts to shoot a basketball have gone viral, thanks to a Twitter video shared by his friend Joel Dillis. How Likely Is a Premature Trump Declaration of Victory? There’s an Outlier Poll for Whatever You Want to Hear Right Now. Already a subscriber? A barometric measure of the party’s descent over four years. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Nathan Moszyk uploaded the clip of 11-year-old Brady with the hashtag #CrackKid on June 11 and it has quickly became one of the most popular videos on the mobile app. Dillis first posted the video at the end of April, but it has resurfaced again online this week to the tune of 72,000 retweets (and counting.). How the Pandemic Dealt a Blow to Europe’s Far Right. Republicans complain that Twitter and Facebook are out to get them, but it’s liberal customers who have the real power. “I have donated more money this election cycle than in my whole life combined.”. How We’re Feeling As America’s Moment of Truth Arrives, Trump’s Final Rallies Are Even Stranger Than Usual: Live Election Updates. A Vine video of a little boy’s whacky reaction to getting hit in the face by a basketball has been shared almost 300,000 times. Trump Says He Will Fire Dr. Anthony Fauci After the Election. Since then, users have been taking the original vid and splicing it into film and music video clips, while various Crack Kid impressions are also flooding the internet. latest news, feel-good stories, analysis and more, Train saved from disaster by giant whale after crashing through barrier at end of track, Con artists conjure up ‘fake genie’ to dupe doctor into buying £72,000 Aladdin’s lamp, Man’s pet geese come with him to the pub wearing special nappies. The attorney general’s pressure on John Durham nearly blew up the investigation that the president hoped would help swing the election. Kid Gets Nailed With Basketball, Internet Laughs. Polling averages in presidential and Senate races are fairly stable, but you can cherry-pick surveys going in all sorts of directions. The Sidekick’s Final Ride: Pence Makes One More Push for Trump, What to Watch for on Election Night: An Hour-by-Hour Guide. It’s what the Wisconsin working class cares about.

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