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Most Popular #90593. — and immediately bolted. So, Joe suggested starting her own show on YouTube. But the request for a meeting was the real deal — as was the offer to helm a show of her own, Simply Laura, on the Cooking Channel (owned by Food Network).

Laura in the Kitchen star Laura Vitale — with her trademark South Jersey girl "hi guys!" greeting and a predilection for everything Nutella (crepes, croissants, milkshakes, soufflés, popsicles and, of course, pizza) — has as been carving out a niche in the YouTube cooking universe ever since the launch of her first, video hit the air back in 2010. And by the age of three or four, she was helping her grandmother shape gnocchi on a "homemade wooden gnocchi board," the chef told Daily Dot. ", What foodies need to know about Laura in the Kitchen. While living in Philadelphia with her father and his English-speaking wife, she was homeschooled, which enabled her to learn English. When Vitale first came to the U.S., she spoke no English. She is an Italian-American television host and YouTube personality. She continued, saying, " It calls for a lot of lard, which I don't typically use very often, and it's something I just cannot get right — I just can't do it.". "And then a lightbulb ... went off in my head.". Our Joe Vitale wiki turns the spotlight on the man behind the culinary goddess, Laura Vitale. Laura missed her family in Italy something fierce. "I wanted to share recipes with anyone who was willing to watch," Vitale explained to Tube Filter. When reviewing the analytics of the show, the couple realized that the bulk of viewers were teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 17, which Joe Vitale told the Inquirer was the YouTube demographic of the time.

Unbeknownst to both dad and daughter, Joe had been plotting to ask Laura out for some time — making inroads with her pops was all a part of the plan. He and Laura Vitale married in 2009. Laura's fridge is chock full of both foods she can cook quickly and ingredients that add flavor to those foods. Her father was descended from a long line of fishermen. A cooking show seemed like a great option, but there weren’t any networks knocking on their door to make it happen. However, he happened to adore Joe and even suggested Laura date a guy like him.

In the end, Laura got the last laugh. ." YouTube fame aside, Laura Vitale always dreamed about having her own cooking show on network TV. Joe left his corporate job in 2013 to help manage Laura and produce her YouTube channel Vitale Productions, LLC. However, Mashed tracked down some little known tidbits about Laura, both in and beyond the kitchen.

She moved from Italy to the United States when she was 12. And, apparently, the Food Network took notice. By 1998, an already fearless and ambitious 12-year-old Laura left her mother, brother, grandparents, and extended family in Naples and flew across the Atlantic to join her father. Admittedly, sfogliatella is pretty tricky. Trent Ballinger. It subsequently became all the rage in Naples. FACT CHECK: Is “Text RBG to 50409” a Scam? Laura Vitale's father, Sal Pietrangeli, was forced to shutter his pizzerias. Due to the popularity of her video series Laura in the Kitchen where she cooks Italian cuisine, the Cooking Channel hired her as a chef and host of Simply Laura. The issue was with her kid brother, not Laura nor Joe who decide to expose themselves, so I get it.

Suddenly jobless, Laura found herself trading in eggplants for echeverias when her husband invited her to come work at the family business. With increasing viewership for Laura in the Kitchen, they invested in better filming equipment.

Vitale welcomed Ripert to Laura in the Kitchen and even filmed an episode from his kitchen. He also devotes a good amount of his time to ArizonaEast. But from what we can see, Mia is quite at home in gardens, vineyards, and nurseries. These days, the two are married and Joe is the co-creator of Laura in the Kitchen.
Before becoming the brains behind Laura in the Kitchen, not to mention Laura Vitale's husband, Joe Vitale and his brother Brian ran a business growing and selling cacti and other desert plants, according to ArizonaEast. "If I had a dollar for anybody who mentioned that my eyebrows are not even, I'd be a millionaire and I could retire in the Bahamas somewhere," Vitale confessed in a vlog. FACT CHECK: Fisher-Price to Sell “Peaceful Protest” Playset. The city-state was famously the birthplace of Margherita pizza and eggplant parmigiana. In the mid '90s, Laura's dad, Sal Pietrangeli, emigrated from Italy to the U.S., ultimately settling in New Jersey, where he opened Italian pizzerias in Deptford and Camden. She didn't even have to leave the basement kitchen of her Minotola home because the Food Network came to her. She’s known for recipes that have the charm and taste of dishes whipped up by an Italian nonna. When Entertainment Weekly turned the spotlight on the up-and-coming culinary star, the Food Network contacted the Vitales. Such a frank avowal is hardly surprising considering Vitale has been juggling cooking and filming duties with mothering following the birth of her daughter, Mia, in early 2017. According to The Press, Vitale first thought that the message was just spam or maybe a joke. Laura Vitale (born November 7, 1986, as Laura Pietrangeli), is an Italian-American television chef. She worked with her father, Salvatore Pietrangeli, in their family restaurants in New Jersey. In 2012, Entertainment Weekly published Vitale's name on its "The Must List."

Airing for two seasons, between 2014 to 2016, the program included family-centric episodes and homages such as "Lessons from Nonna" and "Papa's Pizza.". In an interview with SheKnows, Laura Vitale admitted, "The freezer is my best friend." (Don’t worry, it’s under dad’s supervision. The business rapidly grew, with their Northeast facility distributing produce throughout the eastern U.S.

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