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platte river depth

In a straight line, it travels about 550 miles (890 km), along its course through the U.S. states of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

However, map data provided by the WDNR shows the more likely figure of 455.07 miles. The Friends of the Platte River, Inc. bills itself as a "group that exists to serve as a forum to address issues affecting the Platte/Little Platte River watershed and to seek impartial solutions that restore, enhance, and protect this valuable resource." The South Platte River system is one of the largest in the country, as it flows north through three states before finally meeting the North Platte River in northern Nebraska and creating the Platte River. Find our, Nebraska

The South Platte River as a whole flows for 439 miles and eventually meets the mighty Mississippi River. URL: [6] The combination of the rugged terrain and extensive agriculture leads to significant runoff after storms, contributing to the many rapids along both rivers.

There are two lakes in Benzie County, Michigan based on the name Platte, the other being Little Platte. The Platte River flows through Platte Lake and continues downstream through Loon Lake until it finally reaches Lake Michigan. The North Platte River is a major tributary of the Platte River and is approximately 716 miles (1,152 km) long, counting its many curves. The Wisconsin DNR website states that there are "about 215 stream miles in the watershed." Platte Lake is also near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, which is an amazing mound of sand dunes that over look Lake Michigan from one side, and Glen Lake from the other. Page Contact Information: Nebraska Water Data Support Team

[6], U.S. Route 61 crosses immediately downstream of the confluence of the Platte and Little Platte Rivers. here:

Platte Lake has many different species of fish. In 1997, the sedimentary discharge was estimated at 182 tons per square mile per year. All of our Nebraska family owned businesses are proud to serve the greater Omaha area metro area and beyond. "[9] According to a 2001 report, the main environmental issues are nonpoint source pollution in the forms of agricultural and urban runoff; soil erosion; mine waste; and a decline in the smallmouth bass population. [3] At one time, steamboats could navigate the lowest reaches of the river.[4]. For other data that you can The climate around the lake is pretty steady. Many steep limestone bluffs dominate the landscape, often covered by white pine, which is uncharacteristic in the region. There is also a pier, which you can walk out to view the spectacular lighthouse.


The Platte River Concrete Co. is here to help you on-site and off, and as a Nebraska family-owned business, we’ve been providing honest and professional advice to Americans for over 50 years. Warning: Javascript must be enabled to use all the features on this page!

North Platte ; Canoers on the North Platte River near the Colorado - Wyoming border in Northgate Canyon. DNR staff believe runoff from barnyards and feedlots, particularly in some headwaters areas, to be a severe problem in this watershed. He is focused on delivering sound financial solutions and maintaining strong personal relationships with his clients. [9] Its 184 miles (300 km) drain 154.94 square miles (401 km2). Also meaning that every hour 3,300,000 US gallons (12,000,000 l) of water are passing through Platte Lake.

Dickeyville sits on the border of the two watersheds, while Livingston marks the three-way divide between the two watersheds and that of the Upper West Branch Pecatonica River. Because Platte Lake is known for having such a variety of species of fish, fishing is also very popular on Platte Lake. Department of Natural Resources. One notable feature of the landscape is Platte Mound, which rises out of the relatively level surrounding terrain. The Platte and Little Platte Rivers lie in exceptionally hilly terrain known as the Driftless Area. Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Discharge, cubic feet per second, [Discharge from Primary Sensor]", Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Gage height, feet, [Auxiliary Stage Sensor]", Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Gage height, feet, [Primary Stage Sensor]", Accessibility
Platte Lake is also minutes away from the most photographed lighthouse in Michigan, Point Betsie Light.

[3] Local fishing is also popular, with the most common species being smallmouth bass, channel catfish, and northern pike. 06796000. Seagulls are extremely prevalent in the area, as well as various species of ducks and loons. There are an enormous amount of summer rental homes located on Platte Lake. The Platte's largest tributary is the Little Platte River, which rises near Livingston. The name Platte is derived from the French meaning "flat" or "shallow". Friends of the Platte River website. Many people vacation there. Platte Lake (sometimes referred to as Big Platte Lake) is one of the many lakes located in the northwestern part of Michigan's lower peninsula. Winters are dreadfully cold filled with a large amount of snow, and the summers are pretty warm but never too hot.

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