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sc2 rapid fire file

So you dont need to use Left-click.

So you dont need left-click(s). 23 March 2020 07:00 #5.

A good example would be creep spread. To set up rapid fire, go to the choose ability or A.I. I bound the AI ability button to T. But when I hold down T to warp in units, it only warps in one, then stops. Lol, warp in command needs to have shift held down for multiple units, whereas holding T down effectively casts warp in and selects high Templar simultaneously, creating a rapid fire effect for that unit. other things i wish i knew earlier: – set “d” as alternate bind for select larva, so droning is just “dd” Hold shift for multiple units of a single type and maybe move warp in command to another key besides T. There are always 3-4 clicks as mentioned before (after you selected your warp gates, select the desired unit, then hold down shift and warp in with t). The default hotkeys in StarCraft are far from perfect and using them will often create poor habits that are hard to change later. good post, almost all the things i wish i knew day one! New.

level 2. [STPL] Shinhan Tank Proleague S4 Announcement! Then, in the file explorer that just opened up, go back to the "account number" file directory that is right under StarCraft II\Accounts\.

There is a quick way to access that hotkey file. SC2 Archon needs "Terrible, terrible damage" as one of it's quotes. Then obviously the "commonly Used hotkeys" don't apply to you but everything else is the same, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the starcraft2coop community. Target field. If you press “E” again before the pylon is placed the probe will be on hold position and the pylon will be not placed.

The hotkey file is just default hotkeys with all of the changes I have listed below implemented. But you don't have to keep clicking on the ability and then the enemy. Select all warp gates and then move mouse + hold “E” to warp stalkers. I think binding multiple rapid fire keys crosses that line. I also noticed that when I warped in Templar, which is T, I could then mass warp in. Select probe then Recommended Key(s): Something on the left side of the keyboard that isn’t a unit you can make. Here is a sample hotkey file which includes what I discuss below. Reynor wins EU, SpeCial, Nice, EnDerr win DH Winter regionals, TY and Maru to meet again in Code S Finals, Leak suggests Polt will join T1 in League of Legends. :).

However I can’t change everything to alternative T, so I’m not sure how its done. File Thumbprint - … Recommended Key(s): I personally use X for this one however something like V (for Overlords) would also make sense. C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\LONG_NUMBER\Hotkeys Backup then open whichever .SC2Hotkeys file you use in notepad (with SC2 closed).

– put the drone “gather” ability on a rapidfire bind so when protoss players mineral harass you just hold the button down instead of spam click However, there is the much more efficient rapid-fire technique that allows you to hold a button to spam abilities. What do you dislike about The Core as hotkey setup?

Target to be Left mouse button or C. To add more than one rapid fire key, edit the hotkey file that is in your StarCraft folder and … The point of the hotkeys in this post is more just to be helpful in giving players a better starting point than the default hotkeys, if you like the core definitely use it. if you press “E” again it will place the pylon. Recommended Key(s): I personally like Z for these upgrades however as long as it is on the left side of the keyboard it will be better. 1 Like. “E” Warp in Pylon Common keys to move control groups 6-0 to are: Q, W, E, ~, Spacebar. ESL Open Week #42: Solar doubles again! So you dont need to use Left-click. Blizzard should implement this long ago. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For example, for rapid fire corrosive bile, which is on C by default you would have Choose ability or A.I. If nothing is there, create one yourself. Recommended Key(s): anything that works for you on the left side of the keyboard that isn’t already a basic action. Lastly, under the "Hotkeys" folder you will find a "SC2Hotkeys" document. Learn Starcraft - Rapid Fire Hotkey Guide (Basic) - YouTube How to Start Playing Competitively For Money? B) For example, if you set morph Lair to Z, then every time you go to make Zerglings and select your Hatcheries if you don’t have larva but try to select larva and make Zerglings you will turn all of your Hatcheries into Lairs. yumRiCExP-1271 25 February 2020 06:41 #4. This isn't new information but I've been asked about this recently and thought I should make a brief explanation for those unaware. SC2_x64.exe Threat name: SONAR.Cryptlk.AF!g3. As well, using control for add and steal allows you to egg hotkey eggs by holding control, clicking the egg and then pressing the hotkey without having to switch from control to shift. press “X” to select the ability “Psionic Storm” Need to try this. Most players use the function keys for camera location hotkeys and this has been provided in the hotkey file above.

However something to notice below. The drone gather ability is a good one to have on rapid fire and something I missed.

LMAO, When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you. Don’t miss out on Repeat Rate below though which is not a part of this file. If you want to use Mind Blast on multiple targets, by default (without rapid fire) you have to, Choose the Mind Blast ability (by pressing the hotkey "F"). You can just hold F and click away. If you make Q, W, or E into control groups you will have to move the following keys to something else: In addition to adding these control groups, it is highly recommend to move the steal control groups to something easier to press, generally swapping with the standard ones.

“Y” Warp in Structure

No matter what hotkeys you are using, don’t be afraid to change things that aren’t working for you as much as you would like. As long as your hotkey set up is working for you then it is good, however don’t be afraid to always continue to change and improve your hotkeys as you play the game. First, go to the replay tab, then click on the Show in …

Keyboard repeat rate is how fast your computer repeats a key when it is held down and the repeat delay is how long after pressing a key down before your keyboard starts to repeat that key. It uses shift+F1-F8 to set the camera location, F1-F4 to go to the first four camera locations, and then F5-F8 or Ctrl+F1-F4 to go to the next four. Target in the hotkeys tab and add an alternate that is the same as the ability you want to have on rapid fire. You can then move the basic add and steal to Shift+Alt+# and Alt+3 respectively.Note: in addition to changing your standard control groups to steal, you can consider swapping control and shift so some actions are smoother.

There are some other hotkeys which can be nice to change, such as Drone morph to Ultralisk Cavern, Drone morph to Infestation Pit, Lair morph to Hive, Researching Muscular Augments (hydralisk speed @hydra den), Morph Ultralisk from Larva and anything else that is on the Y, H, N keys or further to the right, however these are up to personal preference and how comfortable you are with pressing those keys.

That way you hold shift+“T” while moving the mouse to give room to warp in, In-game save your hotkeys then go to: If you aren’t comfortable pressing a key, change it to something else. Oh did not know about this one. Target in the hotkeys tab and add an alternate that is the same as the ability you want to have on rapid fire. “E” Warp in Pylon

There is a quick way to access that hotkey file. Rapid fire is important for many abilities in the game.

Recommended Key(s): not as necessary to change as patrol, as H is much easier to press than P, however if you prefer it to be closer to other keys than like patrol anything on the left side of the keyboard will work.
To set up rapid fire, you need to manually edit the hotkey text file.

There are special hotkeys for co-op units. StarCraft 2 Guide: SPAMMING Abilities!

Other keys would also work, so you can choose which ones you like and you can also keep control group 6 depending on how difficult it is for you to press that key. For buildings it does not work that way. You can spam Corrosive Biles with the Zerg Ravager, warp in significantly faster as Protoss with Gateway units, launch the Raven's Seeker Missiles much faster as Terran and much more.This hotkey can be used in all segments of the game and are not limited to multiplayer only although the examples I show are mostly relevant to 1 versus 1.Support me on Patreon: 2 website: http://www.starcraft2.comStarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Legacy of the Void is the third and final part in the StarCraft 2 triology.--http://lowko.tv

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