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swytch bike review

When connected, they will override pedal or throttle input and kill all boost.

The LEDs are pretty easy to see in sunlight and the controls are well placed for adjusting while riding. The team behind the Swytch kit calls it the smallest and lightest e-bike conversion kit in the world.

I have not tried it on any hills yet. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020.

on my bike, and with Swytch bike pro I simply don't need it.

I have been dealing with Swytch for more than 2 years now right from the original release.

If you’ve been wanting an e-bike and already have a bike you like to ride, this is a great solution. You’ll need an air pump, tire levers, a 5mm hex wrench, and scissors. I am 100% satisfied. The instructions were easy to follow.

At home, a quick disconnect lets you charge wherever is most convenient. The dimensional difference in both size and weight is impressive with the new Power Pack weighing in at just 3.8lbs (and remember that’s battery, motor controller and mode control/display all in one pack).

Get a wired one if you like checking your speed. Das Video von Swytch Bike zeigt, mit welch einfachen Handgriffen das Kit montiert wird.

The long cable with the big connector and one of the short yellow ended cables. This cables also needs to be fastened to your frame in a way that keeps it secure and out of trouble. Things might take a few days but I found the communication to be really friendly and helpful. The install is clean looking. I backed them nearly a year ago and so pleased I did. Das Vorderrad des vorhandenen Fahrrades wird durch ein Laufrad mit eingebauten E-Motor (1,5 kg) ersetzt. The power pack is an integrated unit that combines your battery, display and system control into a single unit.

It looks like this.

The software they have written is very good and the motor response to the pedal sensor is intuitive and fun. Swytch now in silent mode, no response received.Ultimatum to Swytch by email 31 October to give delivery date, Swytch still in silent mode and no response received.2 November, still without response and Dispute raised with credit card company. It’s a bike she’s always loved, but not had the opportunity to ride because of our hills.

Everything you need is in one box, and the only specialized bicycle tools you will need are a bicycle air pump and maybe some tire levers.

However, the functionality remains largely similar to the version discussed below. Swytch is also working on an alternative smartphone-controlled micro battery that could fit in a handbag.

Providing power assistance up to 24kmh - as allowed in the EU, or 32kmh which you can play around with on private roads - it also includes an easy to fit cadence sensor. There’s a delay before the boost kicks in. Just useless. Swytch Universal eBike Kit Review CROWDFUNDED REVIEW – Electric bikes are on the rise.

Fitting it was a doddle and it has enhanced my health.

Remove the 6 bolts from the Swytch wheel and remove the black spacer (shouldn’t need it) and install your disc. One gripe though. Their order system is baffling and no matter which links I follow from emails (very few) and their website I cannot find concrete information of the whereabouts of my order. I don't think the powder coating is that well bonded. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Swytch customer service also does a very cool thing and offers a free video call to every customer so if you’re running into any issues, they’ve got your back. I received an older sample of the original large Power Pack in addition to the new smaller Power Pack shipping with the kit that’s finishing its Indiegogo campaign right now. With Swych having upgraded the motor, the amount of resistance when used under your own steam has been reduced. I had been looking for a conversion kit, but wasn’t happy with available kits and their battery placement/size or the amount of weight. For a person who prefers not to drive a car, but to travel by bike, it is a treasure.I have started to use my bike more because of Swytch: I have been able to go on longer rides and explore the countryside without worrying about unexpected steep hills or sudden strong wind.As to customer service, my experience has been positive. But it has exceeded my expectations by far!! The build quality and finish are notably good.

Overall I'm pleased very with it.Couple of minor negatives.

You’ll need to adjust this distance for your particular setup, but once installed it works perfectly and should look something like this. That resolved everything else went well.

Disappointed. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S.

I voiced my concern back in mid-March 2020 when Covid-19 was surging in China, but was assured it did not affect their manufacturing operations and that 8-10 weeks were still a realistic expectation. Battery life is excellent, even longer than advertised on generally flat terrain. Take note of the specialized washers.

Excellent bike kit for those that can wait. I’m not one for funding start ups but decided to go for this upgrade for my Brompton bike.You do have to pay up front and it can be a bit if a long waiting game (especially with the pandemic) but they do deliver a quality and great value product that is worth the wait !The wait can seem like a long long time but you do get updates and you do have to pay fir the import duty and vat (as you do for anything else of value) but once you get the kit there is no looking back.I have had great support from Swytch too on my original kit when I damaged the motor and had a few early teething problems, all resolved quickly.

There’s also an option for the diminutive Brompton folder, while tabs on the hub mean the system will also fit disc brake-equipped bikes.

Double it back on itself to get it to the right length. Loosen them both a turn or two, then gently squeeze your brake lever until the pads make contact with the disc.

I understand the delays due to Covid-19. Each bicycle frame is different so your routing will likely be unique to you. Had to file my forks (though they recommended to file the axle) by 1 mm, but everything else went smoothly.

In theory, all you need to fit it is a spanner and a 5mm Allen key.

Here’s the bike I’m converting. He found it very easy and is very impressed with the kit.
Last week I ordered a twist throttle, which arrived within 5 days, I fitted it yesterday and it has made cycling even more enjoyable and safer.

There is a power adjustment in the battery config. Once I had the correct PAS disc installed and the sensor stuck to an alternative location, and I finally figured out how to turn it on, I was good to go. I see all types around the bay area too; kid carriers, commuters, big bike … Quiet in operation, overall the kit doesn’t add an excessive amount of weight, leaving handling acceptable, especially when used with wider tyres. I understand things are not easy but I would have rather the company be upfront about delivery times. Next, you’ll want to install the pedal sensor assembly. Remove the screws from the bar clamps and place the mount onto your handlebars with each arm on either side of your stem. I do think anyone with some patience can do this without too much trouble. We just got showers last year, so that is one hurdle out of the way.

Regardless, it’ll suit most commutes, and if fitted to a racier bike will give the lift you need to make it up bigger hills or stick with your speedier compatriates.

This is probably a wise move, as on my way to visit Swytch I found one of London’s new Lime electric rental bikes dismembered, dumped, and relieved of its valuable lithium-ion battery pack. All considered it’s electrifying stuff. This is actually the trickiest part, or at least the most fiddly.

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On an electric bicycle they’re a bit different and serve a different purpose. The Swytch eBike system was designed to be lightweight, simple, and removable.
Thank you Swytch! I understand we are experiencing a 100 year pandemic and the delays could not be helped. Convert any bike to an electric bike?

At least if you let the motor do most of the work.

I am useless at any DIY, so my local cycle mechanic fitted the kit (i did not even attempt it). This is a good thing as it keeps the bicycle from lurching at small movements or before your handlebars are straight.

The motor is pretty quiet and the PAS kicks in nicely. Overall the Swytch system is versatile, its ease of installation is excellent, and the parts are of sound quality.

Swytch has simplified the process of electrifying your current bicycle.

Great in use. Also pleasing is the system’s ability to allow keen home tinkerers to get into its back-end.

Source: The sample of this product was provided by Swytch.

Depending on your bike this may be a quick release lever (like this one) or hex nuts.

Now we need to mount the sensor. But what if you already have a decent bicycle? Here are the new Baby Yoda (The Child) LEGO sets you’re looking for, Mounting accessories: zipties and adhesive strips, Rain covers for battery and handlebar mount, Swytch Power Pack – This is the larger capacity pack for long range. Now I need to go on the hunt for some Celeste Green zipties.

Install the wheel on your bike, again keeping that motor cable on the rider’s left. Thank you.

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