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twisted wonderland dorm sorter

He redesigned it after his curse-induced transformation. Don’t be intimidated by him, he’s like 5’0 lol.

Ma cherie, I am pleased to have met a lovely princesse as you.” He is said to be one of the gargoyles of the school possessed by a spirit - luckily a humane one albeit very flirtatious. He likes to play songs on the organ but isn’t a stranger to the piano. He can’t even eat! He also has talent for Alchemy and cooking. Henry and Leroy fight about something and Mellow just hopes form to get along and stop already. The reluctant [phantom] school guardian who guards the school forest but loves to haunt the dormitories as he pleases. :). Twisted Wonderland Class and Dorm Sorter! … as a JRPG class!… as a D&D class!… as a superhero/supervillain! Who is Terry’s favorite spongebob character? Makes me inspired to try drawing my own dorm! History. well. Grim is a magic-wielding monster who serves as the Yuu's partner. Out of the Monsville dorm he is one of the hardest workers on the project, tries to outshine everyone who could possibly do better than him. End of the chapter it is revealed that the Robot ran wild thanks to the typical ink enemy who takes over Leroy and similar to the other dorm leaders in the story transforms him also into a boss. … in a horse mask! Henry himself is the sole Rival to Leroy, because lot of people see him as the actual Leader of the Dorm. He might come of as stern and serious if you meet him at first but once you gained his approval he is very kind and supportive. His Sign of Evolution is a crab. D&D Beyond He first shows up in part 30 of Chapter 2.The deceased princess of a kingdom betrayed and ruined in war. When he’s himself, he’s a huge softie, a gentle giant if you will. … with their pet(s)! … as a cosmic being! It would start with a Machine going rampage around campus and Headmaster crowley telling the MC and Ace and Deuce about. It was once abandoned and haunted by ghosts until the two moved in. Which is why he let up that look he has now and feels bad for messing something up.

Their Magic Jewel color would be a darker blue than Ignihyde. If you like my art, consider Commissioning me! I will do my best to meet your expectations. If you happen to meet Al, he would be very sassy at first, but he’ll show his nicer side to him once he meets you again. Founded upon the brutality and ruthlessness of the condemned captain... Neromar prides itself on its bluntness and seemingly brutal methods compared to other dorms. It’s the magic mirror from Snow White. I’ll likely do more sketches / drop some lore if anyone is interested in her!

I have no more to say of him than that, so leave. He is also one of the youngest and smallest of the school, rivaling Riddle and Epel. D&D Beyond

He’s usually running errands for Idia and attending social meetings for him.

You did not save me.”. In order for the Mirror of Darkness to select a dorm that matches your soul, you must complete this quiz and then your dorm will be revealed. Leroy acts cool from the outside but is a closet geek that wore glasses in the past. Organic Chemistry.

Divus: Can’t count how many potion bottles I’ve had to replace because he keeps breaking them! The first student you see here is called Leroy Violet and is inspired by Randall Boggs.

Most people in this dorm are good at alchemy than most others and typically are known to be good at singing too. I might finish it up later cuz Idia wifey. What about the rest? Mozus Trein: I have gone through the school records and I found some old test papers of his in the archives. Incredibly basic, whatever, have fun. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

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