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type of carp

After reading this post I can almost guarantee you’ll known exactly what carp you’ve caught maybe even before it hits the net. 2006. Related Article: Mirror Carp (A Complete Guide With Facts And Pictures). link to 5 Best Ice Fishing Forums and Facebook Groups, link to Cold Water Carp Fishing (How, When, and Where). Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) The Common Carp has a deep, thick body, strongly arched to dorsal fin, flattened below. Kentucky has a rich assemblage of minnows, with 62 native species. They can be found at Dorchester lagoon in Oxfordshire. It was almost purple in colour with jet balck eyes and reddish cheeks, also was slimy unlike any other carp i have ever caught. 6, 2007). Grass Carp. The other is the distinct mechanics, or shape, that allows you to attach your chosen hookbait. This type of carp does not appear to grow as much as the mirror either. Native to Europe and Asia, it was intentionally introduced into Midwest waters as a game fish in the 1880s. You can find crucians in lakes where few or no other fish can survive in, and during very harsh winters, they can dig themselves into the lake sediment and have their bodies produce ethanol, in order to keep up their body temperature and remain breathing.

This carp type is predominantly found in Asian countries but has even made its way to Europe and North America. These koi are commonly whitish, metallic, or greyish in color, which explains the color variations of the ghost carp. The scale patterns of the Mirror Carp are highly variable. Considering this carp has the word “common” in it’s name you would automatically assume that you will have more chance catching this species than any other at commercial fisheries but a lot of the time this is not the case. The official U.S. common carp record is a fish of 54lb 8oz that was caught in a river system in New Jersey. It sort of looks like they are wearing body armor.

The Cruician Carp is yet another member of the carp family and is the smallest out of them all. However the majority of Leather Carp average around 1-2 feet (0.3-0.5 metres) in length, and 10 lb (4.5 kg) in weight.

Italian carp have a slightly forward facing mouth in a torpedo shaped head.

Fish under 10lb are rather small for being common carp. That’s why I wrote this in-depth species guide.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'strikeandcatch_com-box-3','ezslot_0',113,'0','0'])); The carp family (Cyprinidae) has many members and relatives. The F1 carp is a hybrid between common and crucian carp so is smaller than commons or mirrors. The grass carp was introduced into many countries across the world including Europe and the United States for aquatic weed control.

List of Strains for Cyprinus carpio carpio.


The crucian carp (Carassius carassius) is one of the smallest members of the carp family and native all over Europe. Enter your email below to receive a FREE 12 page guide on method feeder fishing for carp. 6, 2007).

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