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We grabbed a bar table for dinner and beers. Tracy kept an eye on the dogs circling and zig-zagging on the trail and into the dense trees on both sides. Nothing in the bag. Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center, Assistance for Private Forest Land Owners, County and Municipal Law Enforcement Information, Fisheries Division Citizens Advisory Committees, Michigan History Center Commissions & Committees, Pigeon River Country Equestrian Committee, Timber and Forest Products Advisory Council, Upper Peninsula Citizens' Advisory Councils, HIP registration/migratory bird survey - free (required for those who hunt migratory birds, including ducks, geese, woodcock, snipe, rails, etc.

Be sure to add Michigan’s GEMS and state forests to your hunting plans this fall. . Our conversation quickly revealed we were cabin mates on Tracey’s hunt. We drove nearly an hour to another GEMs site where Doug found himself in position to take a big woodcock, a strong-flying migratory female, flushed by one of the dogs. Michigan Excellent Grouse, Black Bear and Deer hunting land surrounds the Resort Running Bear Resort Paulding Michigan - Surrounded by the Ottawa National Forest - Western Upper Peninsula: Running Bear Resort is an excellent place for hunting groups with its affordable lodging. It is highly recommended that you are physically ready for the rigorous activity involved. Then we grew up and bought wildlife art with glorious covey flushes, hunter’s side by side poised for the shot, his feet in perfect position, dog eager to retrieve. Irwin Greenstein is Publisher of Shotgun Life. We have a diverse population of upland game birds including ruffed grouse, woodcock, sharptail grouse, and prairie chicken. Breakfast before departure on the following morning, Second non-hunting walker over-night stay $140. Additionally, the Ottawa National Forest is developing GEMS in this area to emphasize woodcock management through the diverse habitats that provide plenty of area for ruffed grouse, deer, bear and the rare golden-winged warbler. Our road-warrior rig was Tracey’s older Chevy Suburban pulling a dog trailer. On the second morning he drove 60 minutes to his GEMS trail of choice.

I guess the burritos and nachos, prepared by the two women gringos who owned the joint, would be considered Mexican somewhere.

From the very outset every upland quest is a ticket to the Promised Land. The web site for Tracey Lieske’s Wild Wings North Outfitters and Pro Gun Dog Training.

With temperatures dropping we tried to start the wall heater.

Includes breakfast, field lunch, dinner, cleaning/freezing birds and relaxing evenings in remote cabin accommodations. These may be added during your trip if the schedule permits. His theory was that the ruffed grouse had either moved to their winter spots or were simply staying in the trees, when not feeding, due to the weather.

This site includes county road access and beautiful rivers and streams. Hunting the Western U.P. You can purchase either the annual base license OR a short-term small game license: Check out Michigan’s grouse enhanced management sites (GEMS) for premier bird hunting locations. If I can impart a sense of gunning values through my writing, I urge the gunner at any age to lift himself above the childish state of mind, thinking only of himself and not what he is doing to the birds. If you strive to be a better shooter, then our FREE e-letters are for you. The GEMS program started in 2014 to boost the local economy with “must-hunt” locations. Second non-hunting walker $0.00*$250 deposit. With GEMS, the Michigan DNR started intensively managing sites to provide unique, walk-in hunting opportunities for ruffed grouse and woodcock. Personal preferences catered to whenever possible. After seven years as owner and operator he realized that he was spending more time behind the desk than out in the field. Tracey told us the place was a third-generation, mother-and-son operation. Hunters may reserve any number of days within the hunt dates. Come our last hunt of the trip we were walking into the autumnal setting sun. He hobbled into the woods. The Crystal Falls Iron County court house is a brick 1911 showcase of Romanesque excess with a turret, belfry and clock tower – a hilltop monument to the logging heyday when cut trees were ferried along seven rivers that intersected the region. General evening beverages included. Tracey soon joined us at the bar. Her name was Laura Urban. He was a dedicated wingshooter who traveled throughout the U.S. hunting. This email address is being protected from spambots. var addy_texte605f80d789f11b6d091e7530780acf9 = 'contact' + '@' + 'shotgunlife' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloake605f80d789f11b6d091e7530780acf9').innerHTML += ''+addy_texte605f80d789f11b6d091e7530780acf9+'<\/a>'; Over beers we talked about the sporting life.

I asked him what he did during the day around here and said he drank in bars. Hunts will focus on pointed birds using primarily pointers & setters in young mixed forests of balsam fir, aspen, and birch.

In the early 1880s Crystal Falls was a major iron ore mining town. Laura Urban behind the bar of Paint River Landing. The place felt like an Elks social hall.

Cash only. At 890 acres of huntable land in Iron County, this site is the only private land GEMS. This 1,900-acre site is located just south of Lake Superior shoreline in Alger County, providing a unique hunting experience. At 3,083 acres of huntable land, this state land site is several miles northwest of Lake Michigan in Menominee County. Includes field lunch and cleaning/freezing birds. Michigan is #1 in the country for woodcock, and you’ll see why when you visit our Grouse Enhanced Management Sites (GEMS) – areas managed for prime grouse … Interested in the food? Other hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities also exist; hunter walking trails pass through numerous native prairies, wildlife openings of perennial clover, and annual food plots of corn and millet. He kept circling back to an offense he recently suffered after getting thrown out of a bar for repeatedly complaining about the pizza. Fully-guided hunt (w/guide’s dog) for 3 hunting days and 4 nights. Great camping can be found on the north end of Pomeroy Lake, which also is known for its walleye fishing. -Breakfast, lunch and dinner from the time you arrive until you leave.

We ran into a lone hunter, no dog, who said he was from East Tennessee. Shotgun Life is the first online magazine devoted to the great people who participate in the shotgun sports. Everything you need to know about the shotgun sports is a mouse-click away. When the air gets crisp, it’s time to head up north for grouse and woodcock in Michigan’s northern forests. He explained that prior to our hunt the region experienced three weeks of rain that totaled about four inches – the latest downpours, three days before, accumulating slightly over an inch. Lee Grand Ranch: Approximately 12 miles east of Indian River and 16 miles south of Cheboygan. Fully-guided for traveling hunter (when available). Michigan is #1 in the country for woodcock, and you’ll see why when you visit our Grouse Enhanced Management Sites (GEMS) – areas managed for prime grouse and woodcock habitat and hunting. He had been bringing Wild Wings dogs north for training and conditioning. He suggested dinner at the Infield Bar and Pizzeria in a small, corner industrial building with the glass-block windows we’ve come to associate with Second World War era factories. With more than 70 percent aspen cover, this 4,090-acre huntable land site on state land in Osceola County provides 14.5 miles of hunter walking trails.

He scored dinner. I had arrived between the seasonal rushes. After John completed his military service (Army), he decided to come back to Michigan, where he was born and where his family resided. Depending on if it is a peak year or not, flushes typically range from 30 per day up to as many as 100. The program made a lot of sense, since Michigan has more public land than any other state east of the Mississippi.

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