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war thunder shell types

When to use this: In stead of APHE, at longer ranges. Usually a tungsten core with an aluminium outer shell. This has the effect of making the shell much more effective at longer ranges than standard APCR. I’d reccomend not using it on anything smaller than the 122mm guns, and even on the long barreled 122mm (D-25), it’s extremely strange, and often does minimal damge. ——————————————————————————— APHEBC- Armour Piercing High Explosive Ballistic Capped #AP8, Very similar to the APHE, only with a ballistic cap, which we covered earlier, so it’s pretty much a better APHE shell. Throughout the past century of tank development, a large range of ammunition types have been produced and seen combat. FW 190 A-4 with 2x MG FF/M - improved MG FF 20mm cannons. Commonly called “squeezebore”, this shell is similar to standard APCR, only that the shell isn’t rigidly fixed in place, so the outer (softer) area is squeezed in. Regular 20 mm Minengeschoß had filling of 18-20 g of PETN, while typical contemporary 20 mm shells of other nations had merely 6-10 g of explosives. In War Thunder, APDS is best used as a long-range round, with multiple shots often being a necessity due to the lack of post-penetration damage. Solid AP rounds are a kinetic munition that utilise a hardened metal (often steel) shell with full-calibre diameter. ——————————————– HEAT- High Explosive Anti Tank #HE2. Exactly as you’d expect. It should be prioritised for use when penetration is highly likely, or switched for AP or APCR if improved penetration is required. The plastic explosives within spread across an area on the tank, and explode, sending a shockwave through the armour that sends a scab of metal flying off the other side, destroying whatever is in it’s way. In 1937, as a result of these trials, RLM ordered a development of new 20 mm cannon shell with increased explosive force at the expense of fragmentation effect. Guided missiles utilise a guidance system (of various types, such as MCLOS, SACLOS, Radar, Heat-Seeking) to accomplish their intended role. ——————————————————— APDS- Armour Piercing, Discarding Sabot #AP6. HEAT Grenades are found on various light vehicles, such as the BMP-1, FIAT 6614 and Type 60 SPRG (C). They can be extremely effective against aircraft if used correctly, but are mostly ineffective against armoured vehicles. Rockets can be unreliable and inaccurate, but due to their often large calibre, large amounts of HE filler, and ability to continuously launch them until the ammo rack is empty, they can prove effective against some armoured vehicles. Technical Office of Reichsluftministerium (RLM), German aviation ministry, subjected explosive 20 mm ammunition to a thorough series of tests regarding their destructive potential, and results were unstatisfactory – standard explosive shells were deemed not effective enough, as fragments usually pierced outer sheet metal skin of aircraft, but had insufficent effect on construction integrity or control surfaces.

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