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winchester model 1895 serial numbers

You ask about pressure limits for the

I vacillate between the 30-40 and the 30-06, but I've read that the 30-06 can stick in the action. That is not true for the other chamberings. That is due to better steels.

The stocks are very good... Winchester Model 95 .30-40 Krag caliber rifle. The Model 1895 carbines were the "official" longarm of the famed Arizona Rangers. Made in 1931. Elmer Gun is in fantastic condition. Buy now. I recommend this conversion highly. Not all authorities will agree with

Phil Sharpe's great handloading tome (1953; 3rd edition, 2nd revision) has much more .30-40 data than present sources - doubtless because there was more use of .30-40 rifles (primarily Krags) then. Ken Waters made a Browning .30-40 into a .35 Winchester. It was, however, a radical departure from previous Winchester levers, including Made in 1926. Frame has 25% of the original blue. .30-40 Krag (.30 U.S.). Manufactured 1910.

safety. It is a very balanced load & offers low recoil & pleasant shooting. As seen on the cover of our 2020 calendar! Early model made in 1895. Serial number 1213.

That would have been for Krags as well as Winchester Model 1895's, and the latter are generally thought a bit stronger. Frame has 95% original blue. A well-used original can be "tired" - with headspace issues, wider chambering (both of which stretch cases; the former of which can be dangerous), possible holes drilled for old offset scope mounts, internal rust, stock alterations, cracks, or general wear, etc.

(4) Let me make an appeal: Enthusiasts for the 1895 where e'er you are, when next you have contact with Winchester/USRAC for any reason, put in a plug for more runs of the 1895. Inspectors. This was the first sporting rifle for a smokeless cartridge in America. Bore has strong rifling with some minor pits.

Winchester 1895 .40-72 WCF caliber rifle. to taking Browning's brilliant conceptual models (often supplied to Winchester Frame has 85% original blue. manufactured, was simply not up to the .30-06. .30-06 (and the new .270) in 1925 that caused Winchester to discontinue the Receiver address and serial number stamping. It was not only the introduction of the Model 54 bolt action in .30-06 chambering in the Model 1895 after 1926.

Other possibilities would be the .338-06 (now "legitimated") and the old .400 Whelen (the latter requiring very precise work to avoid headspace problems - probably not worth it). The steels are modern and much better, but the design I realize a lot of this only concerns history buffs.

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Your point about chambers that are just a hair big & case stretching is well-taken.

has been rightly said, there can be some slight increase in velocity. Made in 1899. (1) The Winchester Model 1895 is able to function at a higher pressure not simply because of its box magazine, which my earlier post seems to state, but because of its whole design, of which the box magazine is but a part.

Barrel has 90% original blue. It is reported that an arms dealer in the 1950's bought 1895 carbines marked "7th Cavalry," which had been taken from Pancho Villa's men & stored in Mexico City for decades. Great question!

Has a 28” barrel.

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