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woodstock english coonhound kennels

-2018 Georgia State Championship 3rd overall 1.4K likes. Bell is that once in a life time dog that everyone dreams of. Jerry is that female out of the same cross that produced Chopper?? Woodstock English Kennels. Litter from Rasputin x Buddy's Tree Talking Judy born 12/25/2012. UKC Top Ten #4 English Coonhound ~ 2013 wins: AKC Kentucky State Champion & GRCH Titled AKC CSG Titled ~ 2014 wins: AKC World Championship Overall English Coonhound AKC Sportsmix Race #1 English Coonhound of the Year UKC Top Ten #9 English Coonhound. She was the first natural tree dog I ever owned. NtCh'PR' Swamp Stompin Sug English Days: GRCH Female Thursday & Saturday, West Virginia State: GRCH Female Friday & Saturday, Texas State: GRCH Female, Opposite Sex Overall, Winter Classic: Top Ten English Breed Winner, English Days: Thursday & Friday GRCH Female, Thursday Queen of Show, AKC Kentucky State Champion & GRCH Titled. Registered: Jul 2008 AKC CCH ACHA GRNITECH CH YOUTHWORLDCH UKC GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Taylor's Rasputin HTXXUKC CH 'PR' Taylor Made's Thundering Magic*All Puppies Sold - Thank You to All Buyers & Best Wishes! (GRNITECH'PR'BIG RIVER JESSE LEE X GRCH'PR'AMERICAN OUTLAWS WILD DOG) Pr Mainstreet Anne ukc 1st place win She is the reason I started breeding dogs. Registered: Jan 2011 BORN 5/22/2014. LOUD,LOUD,LOUD!!!!!!!! Location: Mount Vernon ky Grand American 2018 Friday night 6th place registered 14th overall ACHA YWLDCH WSHOWCH GRNITECH GRCH AKC CGCH UKC GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' TAYLORMADE MILLION $ SUGARBABY. For dog owners with purebred dogs this is an excellent resource to study their dog's lineage. ---------------------NITECH’PR’Mack’s Little Ole Bender, ------WSHOWCH GRCH Hill’s Little Gold Nugget, ---------------------GRCH’PR’Duckett’s Pistol Pete, ---------------GRCH‘PR’ Seets’ Bear Branch Boss, ---------------------GRCH’PR’Tenbrooks Dolly, ----------WSHOWCH GRCH’PR’ Boss’ Little Bobbie Lou, ---------------------‘PR’Gold Nugget Blue Boy, --------------------GRNITECH GRCH Gray & Taylor’s Sandy II, ---------------NITECH’PR’Tynes’ Whispering Bill, ----------CH GRNITECH’PR’Gamble’s Hillbilly Mike, --------------------GRNITECH Stewart’s cody, ---------------------CH GRNITECH Merk’s Singing Tapp, ---------------GRNITECH Sloan’s Singing Simon, ---------------------NITECH CH Judy’s Molly II, ---------------------GRNITECH Hayes’ Hard Time Speck, Southern English Days: Registered Female Friday & Saturday, Queen of Show, NC State: Champion Female Friday & Saturday, English Days: GRCH Female Thursday & Saturday, Queen of Show, BBCHA Fall Roundup: GRCH Female Friday and Saturday, Winter Classic: GRCH English Breed & Top Ten Winner, South Carolina State: GRCH Female Friday & Saturday, Arkansas State: GRCH Female, Queen of Show, Kentucky Houndsman: GRCH Female Friday & Saturday. Big things for 2015 Jerry!! Posts: 108, good luck jerry hope you doing well and how is ed doing now have not of him in some time ed is good as it gets in my book. CONTACT: CARL FOSTER AT: 937-417-5613 OR CONTACT US FOR YOUR PUP NOW! (GrNt 'PR' Hardtime Rocky 4 x GrNt 'PR' Long Hollow Tree Talking Coin) AND IF YOU HADN'T NOTICED, THEY HAVE TREMENDOUS SHOW POTENTIAL. -------------GRNITECH’PR’MICHIGAN SWAMP BIG RED BULL----------GRCH THOMPSON’S HILLBILLY BIGTIME BULL-------------GRCH SKEETERBUB CRYSTAL SPRING ROSE-----GRCH HILL’S LITTLE BEAR-------------GRCH’PR’LITTLE HOSS----------GRCH’PR’MOSS’ LITTLE SOPHIE-------------GRCH’PR’WIND RIDGE GINGER‘PR’ MY LET’S BE A LADY TONIGHT-------------GRNITECH GRCH OHIO RIVER CHUNK----------GRCH HILL’S LITTLE FLAMING FLINT-------------WSHOWCH GRCH’PR’BOSS’ LITTLE BOBBIE LOU-----GRCH’PR’CODY’S ONE HOT MOMMA-------------CH GRNITECH’PR’GAMBLE’S HILLBILLY MIKE----------GRCH’PR’HILL’S LITTLE RED DAWN-------------SHAWNEE HILL’S KATIEUKC PERFORMANCE/PKC SUPER STAKEBORN 06/04/2014. Location: ARAB, ALABAMA Location: ohio (Nt Ch Woodstock Gun x 'PR' Woodstock Josie) ALL OLD HILL’S BLOODLINES. PR HAILEYS REESE CUP ukc 1st place win BEAUTIFUL LITTER OF 10 BORN ON 3/13/2012. Big mama, *, Dam, CH 'PR' Taylor Made Thundering Magic:-----GRCH 'PR McCoy's Red Screamin' Sammie (by Treeing Little Bam)--CCH CH 'PR' Whiterock Mtn. ---------------------Lees Hardwood Jimmy---------------NITECH Mack’s Ole Bang---------------------Blue Diamond Jenny----------GNITECH GRCH Ohio River Chunk---------------------NITECH’PR’Mack’s Little Ole Bender---------------NITECH Mack’s Ole Flop---------------------Monty’s Sassie------WSHOWCH GRCH Hill’s Little Gold Nugget---------------------GRCH’PR’Duckett’s Pistol Pete---------------GRCH‘PR’ Seets’ Bear Branch Boss---------------------GRCH’PR’Tenbrooks Dolly----------WSHOWCH GRCH’PR’ Boss’ Little Bobbie Lou---------------------‘PR’Gold Nugget Blue Boy---------------GRCH’PR’Gold City Lou--------------------GRNITECH GRCH Gray & Taylor’s Sandy IICCH GRCH’PR’ALLEN’S LITTLE GOLD MAGIC--------------------Redden’s Copper T.---------------NITECH’PR’Tynes’ Whispering Bill --------------------Clark’s River Babe----------CH GRNITECH’PR’Gamble’s Hillbilly Mike--------------------GRNITECH Stewart’s cody---------------‘PR’ Tynes’ Kate--------------------‘PR’Tynes’ Toy-------GRCH’PR’Hills Little Red Dawn---------------------CH GRNITECH Merk’s Singing Tapp---------------GRNITECH Sloan’s Singing Simon---------------------NITECH CH Judy’s Molly II----------Shawnee Hill’s Katie---------------------GRNITECH Hayes’ Hard Time Speck---------------Speck’s Blue Dotty---------------------Painter Creek Molly. Bradley Ryan(256-738-0919 cell AT&T) CH GRNITECH'PR'COONVALLEY WILD SKEETER(Sold to Seth Isch) Their mother was the best female he ever owned and died during their birth. Loading... Unsubscribe from Kasey Bowers? Raz is really producing young, good looking tree dogs. GRCH GRNITECH'PR' TAYLOR'S RASPUTIN & CCH GRCH'PR' ALLEN'S LITTLE GOLD MAGIC. Posts: 30. performance 2015 NT,ch WoodStock GUN & NT,CH WOODSTOCK GRIZZLY & GR>NT CH>WOODSTOCK REDBUD . Any person(s) in violation of these terms are subject to a permanent removal from this website. Jerry continues to breed for the same traits and bloodlines. Proud members of: Kentucky Houndsmen Association, Inc. United English … Your Living Connection to NITECH Woodstock Grizzly, via ACHA YWLDCH GRNITECH CH AKC CCH UKC GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Taylor's Rasputin HTX (DNA-P, CHKC money won) Stud Fee $400 - Select Females Only.

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