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zpacks duplex clone

An elastic cord keeps the bathtub elevated ensuring the screen slopes downwards away from the bathtub. Different varieties of fleeces are available in the market.

Use our Groundsheet Attachment Kit to connect it to our Hexamid Pocket Tarp with Doors or other tarps. The Duplex is made with Dyneema Composite Fabrics (DCF) which is a lightweight, high strength, highly waterproof material which makes it good for making tents because it doesn’t absorb water or stretch overnight.

On my third night, the wind came up with gusts I'd conservatively estimate to be 35-40 mph along with snow. Finished a couple weeks ago. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I’d definitely bring the Tarptent for anything above treeline. My Duplex is always up and standing before anyone else has their shelter in place. Face it, we are now spoiled with choices! Membership Sales & Support: 406-640-HIKE (406-640-4453) |, Our Lightweight Gear Recommendations for REI Members, Backpacking Courses, Webinars & Other Events. I start the PCT May 28 and I am in Heart Failure……WHY NOT?

Get our Handbook - the resource you need to make intelligent decisions about gear, safety, comfort, and pack weight.

Phillip – thanks for the continued support! For personal reasons, if they didn’t want to expand the company, they could as you say, get it done in China. The vestibule doors are cut high to encourage airflow, which is a common design pattern in single wall tents to help prevent internal condensation. Home / Outdoor Gear / Zpacks Duplex Clone, Eula Salinas   Outdoor Gear   May 19th, 2020 - 01:07:17. Cut it to size using regular scissors to make a tent footprint.

The storm doors can be clipped down to the front center guylines, or rolled up depending on the weather.

The pockets are about 8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm).

They are a good place to store your cell phone, glasses, headlamp, the tent stuff sack, and spare seam tape (included).

I start the 700 mile desert section of the PCT end of May and I have Congestive Heart Failure… 8-). Well as is common, Nature likes to show us She doesn't like to be predictable. Thanks for including the packed volume of a Duplex. I don’t think it is necessary but they do sell a double x-crossed eternal pole to make it semi-self supporting.

There are relatively few one and two-person DCF tents available, and while tent weight and cost are important dimensions, it’s worth understanding what other variables are important to you before you make a purchase decision.

Copyright © 2020 For packing your clothing and other necessities, or for a day of hiking, a backpack needs to be lightweight.

its innovative design offers more interior space than the Z-Packs Duplex and better wind worthiness with better ventilation when closed up for a storm.

These Y-Beam stakes are the largest and strongest that we have. Perfect for those hikers who need a little more strength and durability. If I were doing an AT thru, I’d use a hammock.

This will ensure you that you do not get back ache and you have great room for storage. I received a tent that was obviously defective (a door panel sewn wrong) and received excellent service. I tested a spruce colored version of the Duplex, which fairly transparent, which can be a consideration if you prefer more opaque walls for privacy. They have a cord on the end to make it easy to pull them out of the ground.

An optional flat groundsheet is available for added protection here.

Not happy for a $600 tent. The latter issue grabs my attention since, on backpacking trips, I’ll often set camp (often in sunny site; mostly out in Cascades & Sierras) and then day hike around the area. These are bright blue, which makes them hard to lose. You would not want to turn over an item for replacement or repair any time in the near future, right? The bathtub floor is a rectangle 45 inches wide by 7.5 feet long (114cm x 2.3m).

The tie outs have bonded reinforcements for high strength. The Duplex in the standard .55 oz/sqyd Dyneema® Composite Fabric material weighs a total of 19.4 ounces (550 grams) including guy lines, sewn in linelocs, taped seams, and a stuff sack. It has high tensile strength and can handle strong winds, storms, and all the typical conditions a tent will be in.

It is very practical for growing families. Insert the back trekking pole the same way and stake it out. .55 oz/sqyd Standard Dyneema® Composite Fabric. The price of aluminum beats titanium or carbon.

Specifically designed for the demands of long distance backpacking, the award-winning Duplex hits the sweet spot when it comes to size, weight, and features. If the walls of the tent aren't smooth, you may need to reposition the corner stakes or adjust the lines tighter. It was unpacked and slept in for 2 nights, I slept in shelters the rest of the time. Waterproof – there is no DWR or coating to worry about wearing out.

I got my Duplex and immediately set it up on my lawn - extremely easy! There is screen between the bathtub floor and the walls at the ends of the tarp. Excellent, I have been thinking about getting either the Plexamid or Aeon Li to compliment the Duplex.

When I currently use my Sil Notch fly with the 6.6 oz MLD Superlight Solo bivy – I have never had any issues with wind/weather. How you pick your pack is determined by the number of days you plan to stay outdoors. The Duplex has two mesh walls and doors which are protected by side vestibules. Off for a ligament tear.

I just have a lot of experience scaling start-up companies, having worked in many of them. Gossamer Gear’s “The Two” is basically the silnylon version at around 30 oz and $389. Different lines than a Duplex, but similar features and much cheaper. Nice review Do you think the 2 person Tarp Tent Statospire Li will fit in the large side pocket of my GG Mariposa 60 backpack?

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