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seattle fault line map

The Doty Fault/Chehalis Basin sequence follows the cross-section X-X' shown on the, The long-range mapping plan area and current status of planned mapping can be seen at, For the County's interpretation of the geological hazard and anticipated impacts of a major earthquake, see the, Interstate 5 runs nearly due north from Everett to Mount Vernon, except for a stretch southeast of Conway that parallels one of these low-amplitude folds. [225], An Everett Fault, running east-northeast along the bluffs between Mukilteo and Everett – that is, east of the SWIF and at the southern edge of the Everett Basin – has been claimed, but this does not appear to have been corroborated.[226]. [198] How they might be connected is unknown. [202] The southwestern boundary of the SWCC, where it is believed to be in near vertical contact with the Eocene basalts of the Crescent Formation, forms a good part of the 90 km (56 mile) long SHZ. What is the state’s plan to protect inmates from Covid-19? Sometimes it is difficult to assess whether or not earthquake insurance is worth the price. [82] It is deemed a "major active or potentially active" structure. This structure is shown in the gravitational mapping of 1965, but without comment. These maps are based on model results from hypothetical earthquake scenarios on the Cascadia subduction zone, Seattle fault, or Tacoma fault. [101] This turns and runs just south of Victoria, nearly in-line with the SWIF. These ridges (part of a broader regional pattern that reflects the roots of the former Calkins Range[64]) are formed of sediments that collected in the Everett basin during the Eocene, and were subsequently folded by northeast-directed compression against the older Cretaceous and Jurassic rock to the east that bound the Puget Lowland. Click the "Landslides" button in the Map Contents window. The Doty—Salzer Creek Fault does not fully fit the regional pattern of basins and uplifts bounded by faults described above. “It will experience relatively more shaking than some other areas, but not the highest levels like we would see in those areas where there’s liquefaction.”. [206] It has been speculated that the SHZ might extend under the Kitsap Peninsula (central Puget Sound), possibly involved with a section of the subducting Juan de Fuca plate that is suspected of being stuck. Year Published: 2000 Data for Quaternary faults, liquefaction features, and possible tectonic features in the Central and Eastern United States, east of the The database also contains the locations of mapped ultra-mafic rocks that may potentially contain asbestos and a radon hazard map. Geologic Map. [204] This anticline, or uplifted fold, and the narrower width of the northern part of the SWCC, reflects an episode of compression of this formation. While the great subduction events release much energy (around magnitude 9), that energy is spread over a large area, and largely centered near the coast. The Cascadia subduction zone was not only active, but it was thought to unleash a major earthquake every 500 years or so. If entirely analogous, then "roof duplex" might also apply, and the Olympia Fault would be a reverse fault similar to the Tacoma Fault. [67] This is located on a topographical lineament that aligns with Mount Vernon to the north, and, to the south, the city of Granite Falls and Lake Chaplain (just north of Sultan). [205], Does the SHZ extend north? ". Who is going to work on Washington farms during the pandemic. Especially as seismic reflection data[142] shows some faulting continuing east across Vashon Island and the East Passage of Puget Sound (the East Passage Zone, EPZ) towards Federal Way and an east-striking anticline. ), and headed for the definitely active Saint Helens Zone; this appears to be a large-scale structure. Other similar lineaments (such as from Astoria to Glacier Peak) align with various topographical features and changes in fault orientation. The mapped surface traces are only 5 km long, but LIDAR-derived imagery shows longer lineaments, with the traces cutting Holocene alluvial traces. [135], The Tacoma Fault was first identified by Gower, Yount & Crosson (1985) as a gravitational anomaly ("structure K") running east across the northern tip of Case and Carr Inlets, then southeast under Commencement Bay and towards the town of Puyallup. At the edge of this older rock is the Rogers Belt, a geologically interesting zone running from the area of Sultan (due east of Everett) to Mount Vernon (just north of the bend in the Devils Mountain Fault). [189], The Doty Fault – the southernmost of the uplift-and-basin dividing faults reviewed here, and located just north of the Chehalis Basin – is one of nearly a dozen faults mapped in the Centralia—Chehalis coal district in 1958. In this model the Tacoma fault zone is primarily the result of local adjustments as the slab bends upward at the bottom of the ramp. Study of surface deformation suggests possible unmapped faults near Federal Way, running between Sumner and Steilacoom, and south of Renton. Not until 2001 was it identified as a fault zone,[136] and only in 2004 did trenching reveal Holocene activity. [123] Several studies show that the southernmost strand of the SF, once past Green Mountain, turns southwest, towards the Saddle Mountain and Frigid Creek faults. [224] Most of this thrust sheet consists of the Crescent Formation (corresponding to the Siletz River volcanics in Oregon and Metchosin Formation on Vancouver Island), a vast outpouring of volcanic basalt from the Eocene epoch (about 50 million years ago), with an origin variously attributed to a seamount chain, or continental margin rifting (see Siletzia). 48), along the edge of a formation known as the Southern Washington Cascades Conductor. (2001),[115] relying on seismic tomography data from the "Seismic Hazards Investigation in Puget Sound" (SHIPS) experiment, retains the thrusting slab and master ramp concepts, but interprets the Tacoma fault as a reverse fault (or back thrust) that dips north towards the south dipping Seattle fault (see diagram); as a result the Seattle Uplift is being popped up like a horst.

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